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Facebook: Friend or Foe to the media company? What do you think?
I will be sharing our Week in Venn every Friday. At SAY Media, we feel that a POV is important to have and socialize to the masses. If we just focusing on ad campaigns, we are not a real media company. Here is a great closing quote to this week's venn "You Don't Have to Like This" - I hope you enjoy
"If media companies believe that the only way to survive is to plant their experience inside Facebook's garden, then it will be a step backwards for the industry. The beauty of the Web is its openness. And the underlying technology (devices, bandwidth, browsers) have evolved to the point where it's possible to create beautiful, compelling experiences that are worthy of focused attention. On the Web ... not inside Facebook" +Jeff Reine +Ted Rheingold +Peter Rojas +Ryan Block

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Dear, All The People Who Added Me To Circles That I Don't Know, Hi. Please introduce yourself!

+Vic Gundotra what's up with the Mercedes ad?

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+Stephanie Robesky inspired me to write up some thoughts on Facebook Video Calling... to the blog!

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And now TypePad supports Google +1 for all our bloggers. It would be nice to have some more flexibility with the button since it has to coexist with so many of its friends in the post footers, but we look forward to seeing how our bloggers adopt it and their readers use it.

Personally I'm not in love with the new NASCAR Effect that we're seeing on web pages (Tweet it! Like it! +1 it! LinkedIn it(?)! Stumble it! Share it! Email it!) but until we have more effective ways to adapt these tools on a per reader basis I suppose we're stuck with them all.

What do you all think? The more buttons the merrier? Or is there another way to better meet reader needs? (and don't tell me ShareThis or AddThis... that's not a solve)
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