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+J phase​ how are you doing buddy? Randomly saw your name and wanted to say Hi. 

+Evernote   With the launch of Android Wear, the one feature that would make Evernote & Android Wear killer together would be geofenced reminders!

+Adobe  shame on you!  I give a unique email address to each online service.  Today I received SPAM in my email address designated for Adobe!  Shame on you for either A) sharing my email address with a third party OR B) Email addresses have been compromised from your servers.

Hey +Evernote I randomly saw that post-it support was in the Android version... finally! Your blog is in my RSS feeds and I never saw it announced. Don't let such a big announcement be on one platform for so long next time. Thank you.

So ever since I upgraded to OS X Mavericks, my Macbook Pro had been running really slowly. I looked into it a bit and Mavericks alone takes up like 1.5GB of memory and my laptop had only 2GB. This past week I ordered the max amount of ram I could for the laptop. This evening I installed the new 8GB of ram which makes the machine feels like new again!

This is the exact reason I will not buy a computer which are glued together (which prevents memory/hard drive upgrades). While 2GB of ram was OK back in 2009, it is no longer good for 2014. If my computer had been glued together, I would be looking at a new laptop instead of a $113 upgrade.

Thanks to my wife for helping deal with the tiny screws and tight fit areas that my big fingers couldn't manage.

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This is pretty awesome.  With the functionality shown in the video, I'd want Google Glass today!

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I just found a cool tip online, where everything you write into +Google+  ends up in +Evernote.  It's one of the 15 tips in the linked to article.

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I agree!

To all those criticizing +Marissa Mayer for her no more telecommute decision.  Having worked at a company which required workers to be in the office or on sick/vacation helped the productivity of the teams in mu opinion.  At another job having been in a situation where the person you need to talk to is out of reach is annoying and counter-productive.

I'm betting once Yahoo rebuilds itself to be more successful, this no telecommute mandate will soften.
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