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Vini SThrill
You are who you are when no one is watching!
You are who you are when no one is watching!
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This is the answer! There needs to be more Christians movies for Christians to review. "Rock people is so ridiculous!"

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Not posted here in a while but had to post this because it cracked me up. Apparently Christians will be able to play Mario in heaven. Good news!!!

It's always amusing how theists quote scriptures like its supposed to mean something to me. You have to give me a reason why scripture is relevant and valid in the first place.

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If you believe the universe was created why would you believe it was created by a god? 

I think too much credit is given to religion and theists. Atheists often try to have logical debates with theists on the existence of god, why? I don't know!

Theists are not theists because they believe some supreme perfect being created the universe, they are theists because they accept claims and concepts, atheists are simply those who reject them.

A Christian is not a Christian because he or she believes in some some supreme being capable of creating universes. A Christian is a Christian because they accept certain teachings and writings, claims and concepts. 
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