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Have you recently broken your phone and it is not working, no one can fix it....God can.

OK I think this guy tops my list, he's beaten Ray.
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The only thing one should be certain of is the direction of the library. - I can't remember whose quote is that, anyone? 
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+Martin Willett I'm not worked up, this is unnecessarily inflated. 
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Premise 1 : the universe exists
Premise 2 : a universe created by a perfect being would be perfect.
Premise 3 : the universe is not perfect

Conclusion: God didn't do it, therefore god doesn't exist!
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Mike T
+ray salmon
Why? You're not even religious.

Or are you?

Hard to keep up with your lies.
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Everyone is saying their own shit about god it is ridiculous, and believers think there is no reason to be an atheist.
God made the entire universe and sent his son to save mankind, his son says 'I am the way', meanwhile in China......
Few hundred years later in the very same region another dude pops up claiming he's the real one who brought god's message. Thousands years down the line we have 1000s of different sects each saying their own shit.

Atheism is really the least of theists problems. 
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+Poet of the Light
+Poet of the Light in other words if you are interested and have contributed a pinch of your time to read on evolution you wouldn't be asking the question because anyone who knows the slightest about evolution there is nothing like this part evolve first or that evolve next, or that evolution means parts stop working.
Don't be someone who doesn't know what they talking about, reading on the subject might just actually help you to come up with better arguments. 
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Don't worry, this guy is a shameless idiot, he loves to rub his ego all over this community and once someone actually wins a debate against him, he closes the thread and proclaims himself the "winner" of the debate. He's a disgrace to theists and humans in general.
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Don't know why the god of the bible so angry with men for being tempted by Satan to eat an apple. He was tempted to kill kids....satan obviously doesn't discriminate.
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+Kristin Gallo  dude if that story is a metaphor then you have no reason to be a christian infact no one does because that would make you silly story mute no need to repent if there is no sin granted the story isn't true one way or another so christianity is pointless
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In their circles
79 people
I find it laughable when apologists try to present logical arguments for some of their beliefs. People actually try to present logical arguments for the flood, they claim the continents were joined, land bridges, the animals were babies, is there any point to it if you have god on your side. The animals could've walked to the boat on rainbows, god could've reduced all the animals to the size of a peanut which Noah kept in his pocket.
You believe a perfect omnipotent being flooded the entire world killing but 8 people using 40 days of rain, it's fair to say logic is way out the window.

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Mike T
+Ralph J. Esposito
The fact is there have been several land bridges. Some even hold that North and South America should be considered one continent. Should we care or rewrite books?

America is a continent. From Alaska to cape Horn. One.

You probably think Mexico is in south America. It's in north America.
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Christians make a big deal about Jesus' supposed virgin birth like its supposed to mean something? What does it mean exactly? God likes virgins? Virgins are without sin? God doesn't want to go where someone else already been? What exactly is it's significance?
It's funny how all the best bits of religion supposedly happened in the dumb ages.

Boy and girl commit themselves to no sex before marriage, girl gets pregnant and claims 'god did it' lol, 2000 years later people still running around with this, a really large group of humanity, stand up with pride and conviction not ashamed to believe with no reason what so ever but only that it's in a book, the almighty creator of the universe had a son with a virgin whose sole purpose was to die by the Romans to provide humans with salvation. Not all humans but those who by chance get hold of this knowledge and accept it as truth. Wow.

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+GOD'S JEWEL​​ "The significance has to be the miracle behind it. It's not common that virgins become pregnant. Lol."

When something is significant to you you actually care about it's authenticity. Do Christians really care about the authenticity of the claim?
If the story went god chose some harlot next door to be the mother of himself it wouldn't matter because it's insignificant. You say it's not common that virgins become pregnant like that holds any significance to you.

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Has anyone actually met a Christian whose excuse for god not getting rid of the devil is that the devil is a she and god is still in love.
The story is Jesus wanted to see his mum one last time but he could only do that if he sinned and becoming a man wasn't god's choice but Jesus' that's why on the cross god was angry with him.

I almost laughed my head off but couldn't because the story became really interesting and I wanted a sequel.

Has anyone else come across this? 
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+Vini a.k.a SThrill  that sounds cool as a story makes things interesting too bad the bible ruins it as a whole
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A Muslim showing that most 'moderates' and 'extremists' believe the same shit!!! 
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The only difference between a moderate Muslim and an extremist Muslim is their physical distance from the bomb.
The extremist wants to kill you himself, the moderate hopes the extremist will kill you for him.
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Some Christian apologists use the laws of logic to try and make the argument for god. They often claim the laws of logic are part of god's nature but what they ignore is by their god concept they have already excluded god from the laws of logic.

The laws of logic are principally restricted due to space and time.

What apologists are basically doing is creating an alternative reality where their god exists outside space and time, taking the laws which are entirely built on space and time and transferring it to that reality.

Christians make many pleads to infinity but ignore the fact that infinity changes the laws of logic, in a reality where the restrictions of space and time do not exist, the laws of logic has to change.

Infinity allows both true and false statements to coexist, because everything is everything else and the laws of logic as they exist in our reality no longer hold.

What restricts they chic from being the egg and the egg from being the chic in the same sense at the same time is because of the limitations of space and time, get rid of this very foundation and the laws of logic as we know collapses.

So no the laws of logic does not make a god argument in favour of the Christian concept of god.
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+Vini a.k.a SThrill

I'm only going to repeat this once more. Your specific hypothesis is that logic is contingent on spacetime, and I have pointed out that logic is neither time nor space dependent. That doesn't leave you much wiggle room. However, if you can show us where the temporal and spatial relationships are in logic, then by all means do so. Put up or shut up.

Logic is a formalism based on a set of axioms about abstract entities. Axioms are assumed to be true, and so are not scientific (maths is not a science, for similar reasons). Any logical theorems derived from the axioms therefore contain no more information than the axioms and so are tautological in nature, therefore are not scientific either (you'd be hard pushed to observe an axiom,after all, seeing as  they have no physical analog).

Logic (and mathematics generally) describes regularities. The universe exhibits regularities, and so logic and maths can be used to assist us understanding those regularities. That does not imply contingency, any more than the argument

"Birds are animals"
"Cats are animals"
"Therefore cats and birds are the same thing"

works. (Which it doesn't.)
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