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So this one is for the Christians as they really love their flood story. The lengths they will go to to defend that story is amazing. Here is a question: when god decided to wipe the world clean did he think of other options. Killing a large number of people is a really massive task there is:

1. Gassing
3. Fire storms
4. Flood
5. Diseases
6. Other natural disasters
7. Etc

But there is this really great option available to an omnipotent being
8. Simply make the things you don't like disappear.

I think god chose flood because he likes a good laugh. He sent a drought while Noah was building the boat and everyone started looking for various gods to pray to for rain, and then the rain started and they were all happy dancing around the place, but sadly the rain did not stop. Yeah I think god did have a good laugh like most psychos do at the demise of their victims.

When I was a Christian this was my least favourite stories and it pisses me off that anyone will even defend it. Here is a tip for Christians, when someone brings up the flood story, please just say you don't understand why god did it if you believe it did happen because the apologetics are really pathetic. 
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+Vini a.k.a SThrill Presumably you haven't tasted Kṛṣṇa's remnants, called prasādam ("mercy"). Prasādam is commonly so delicious that I have to eat carefully to avoid choking from the waves of ecstasy it makes. 
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I laugh at Christians who scream end times because the world is becoming such a terrible place: children, governments, schools are walking away from god, men are marrying men, moving towards one government, natural disasters are getting worse, the antiChrist is coming!!!!!!!! Then they go to their comfortable homes and take a nap.
2000 years ago the guy screaming end times had probably lost his family to genocide, lost his village to a plague and is standing waiting to have his head chopped off. I may be wrong but I have a feeling he would want to trade places. 
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+Vini a.k.a SThrill

A thrilled monkey 👅
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From Genesis god doesn't accept his faults. He makes Adam who is a dumb dumb, knows nothing of right and wrong, good or evil then he creates the tree which contains the fruit to give Adam this knowledge and tells Adam not to eat the fruit. How can it be a sin if the person hasn't the slightest understanding of good or evil, right or wrong. The part that makes me laugh real hard is where Adam tells god it is his fault, “The woman you put here with me—she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.” 
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The creation stories are not scientific fact. Original sin is human nature that thinks it can get along fine without God. It is not a thing that sends one to hell. It puts us on a crazy world instead. The fruit in Genesis is not fruit that we eat. Woman blaming is something men inside and outside of religion do. Just ask her! You can disagree if you choose. 
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It's amazing how people can take a book and dedicate their whole life to it. Religion shows truly how vulnerable we are, with all our so called consciousness and intelligence we are so vulnerable. I don't have a problem with people believing in a god of creation but believing he tells some men to write books as part of his divine plan. Does god have a problem with writing his own book?
In the end no one truly believes, the way they cling to their holy scriptures as if their life will crumble immediately they let go, as if the god they view so great is tied to scriptures, and in some sense it is, restricted and defined by its pages.
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So interesting that "if" God exists and people believe that, God is forbidden to tell people to do something like writing.
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Thanks for this'n!

"GOLD!" Indeed!

Used to watch him in the '60s.  Pearls of Atheist humor!

G+ Atheism should have a vid channel with this kind of classic!
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What makes a god and not just an intelligent being capable of creating the universe is it's theistic aspects. You ask theists for why they believe in god instead of they just being honest and saying it's blind faith they tell you to look at the mountain, the fishes and the flowers apart from the fact not one of those are directly brought into existence by god (which is testable), even if I do agree a being was at the origin you still have to prove why you think it's a god or THE god and that's where you have to prove your theology is true because without the theology this being is not a god. In most cases theists totally abandon their theology and try to prove a deistic god but a deistic god doesn't request anything of you, a deistic god doesn't even have to be a god because a god is specific and what makes it specific is it's theology so theists should stop wasting time trying to prove god (a task which is impossible) and work towards proving their theology which is........ errrrrrrrrr, maybe? 
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+Vini a.k.a SThrill​ Reincarnation is the best explanation for why we are alive now, and reincarnation allows for each individual to experience virtually unlimited lifetimes. That allows spiritual perfection to develop over many human lifetimes, which means the large majority of people are not close to attaining spiritual perfection. As Kṛṣṇa says in Bhagavad-gītā:

BG 7.19: After many births and deaths, he who is actually in knowledge surrenders unto Me, knowing Me to be the cause of all causes and all that is. Such a great soul is very rare.
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It is often said atheists should not say god does not exist, even some atheists say this. That if you make the claim you have to prove it. The problem is atheism is not the rejection of god, it's the rejection of theism. There are atheists who really don't care if a god exists or not because they've never had need for one and there are atheists who would be atheists even if the Abrahamhic god existed. You will hardly see atheists arguing with deists because the problem is not the belief that a god exists but the theism, the definition, the system, the dogma. When atheists attack religion they attack the fundamentals by which that religion god is defined. The main reason we still have this theist vs atheist debate is because theists cheekily redefine their god with the god of the gaps because they can't prove their god and they are totally different because he's not the god of the gaps. We know his specifics like we know that of Thor. It's the reason theists never say prove MY god doesn't exist. Theists will often say "look at the trees", and sometimes I see some atheists mumble because theists invoke god of the gaps but all that has to be said is " your god did not plant that there" because he did not. The god of the gap is not only the god of the theists, it's everyone's god because anyone can invoke it. Yes I can say YOUR god doesn't exist like I can say for all the other gods. Let keep the god of the gaps where it's always been and will always the gap!
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+Vini a.k.a SThrill nothing creates itself...and do not apply that to God who is the source of being and the only uncreated 
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Why do theists not ask god for the best prove to provide to unbelievers because I am pretty sure god doesn't say "tell them to look at the trees, the sky, the mountain, the stars, oh and the banana."...or does he? 
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Because God would rather appear to an individual and then tell that individual to tell his mates and then spread it across their location by word of mouth than to utilize his abilities to plant his seeds around a globe...this way...he has no credibility and also he needs to save his powers for finding keys and giving babies cancer to teach people a lesson
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Hi, I am an atheist and I wouldn't kill you if god told me to 😁😁😁
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I'm also an atheist. And I wouldn't consider you a bad person solely for not following my life choices. Even if a dumb fictional book told me it was okay!!
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I think there will be a time when the knowledge of the general populace will be at the level of our scientists today as scientists delve into deeper regions of science considering the vastness of the there is so much to uncover, sadly not in my lifetime. 
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+Vini a.k.a SThrill Many thanks to you. I think within 20 years, maybe even sooner, I'll be able to take some of my blood, grab the stem cells from that, cause them to multiply, and use them to grow me a kidney to replace the one I'm missing.

I think medical science is moveing at such a pace that the first human to live to 1000 years old may have already beem born.

I think it possible and probable that my goal of living to be at least 400 is achivable.

As I say that has not been my experiance. 
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I think the main difference between atheists and theists is that atheists have a higher standard of what a god should be. Theists will worship anything, cat, cows, elephants, trees, spiders and the almighty, all knowing virgin loving god who just can't get things right. 
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+Ralph Esposito no we acknowledge science is the best tool we have for understanding and explaining the universe. We don't worship it, don't think it is perfect and definitely do not think it explains everything.
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I really like the smartphone in the desert argument. If you were to find a smartphone in the desert you should be able to know only an intelligent mind could make a smartphone, however take the smartphone back 4000 years and stick it in the desert and desert folks will probably worship it as a god and sacrifice a few virgins to it. What I don't get is why the theists just drop the argument there because it is very interesting if taken deeper. We know smartphones are made in factories in large quantities, why would theists not continue with this? For all we know we could just be a universe in a box, given to a toddler from a far more advanced alien race for her 1billionth birthday.

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Thats some good grass brother00
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