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Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: I look to be bored by many more sermons before you slip. Just don't move.

Shepherd Book: Can't order me around, boy. I'm not one of your crew.

Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Yes, you are.

The acclaimed star is thought to have passed away in his LA home on Friday night
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Dirk Yaple

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I got a wand at universal studios!

Reed, dragon heartstring, and interactive!
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Yissss the beard!
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Dirk Yaple

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Just the usual things you see in know....
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+Dirk Yaple ha!🎇🎇🎇
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Dirk Yaple

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Dirk Yaple

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If only the people who told others to kill themselves actually took their own advice.

If only.
What a fucking ride this week has been. My mom repeatedly tells me to not post my political views online, as they could impede me from acquiring a job hopefully sometime in the near future. While I understand exactly why th...
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Ha! You think hiding your political views are bad and the LGBT group is at stake? Well, take a seat and let me show you my beautiful country where the head of my country (now I will not say who because I don't want to end up rotting in jail but you get the picture) will get anyone killed if he or she comes in his way.

Try looking at it in this way, Google up 1MDB Scandal and see how much was being taken into someone's pocket. [2.6 billion Malaysian ringgit (583,392,862.00 USD)]

Bank managers that know the inside story on how this money is robbed, are murdered.How other significant people who are affiliated with this are also murdered, IN THE MOST BRUTAL FASHION.

The police force is on their side, if you know what I mean. You can deride your country's political policies, but I bet, you have never seen a feral politician who kills right? What about rigged elections...ha! Come to Malaysia and see it for yourself.

The LGBT group over here is almost dead. There are so many homophobic cocktacular cretinic bandwagonic tossing bellends around. They are scared of coming out.

I'm about to forsake my own country and leave to Singapore soon. I can't stand it here. too many haughty old bastards running the show and the hypocrisy that surrounds the Parliament in my country is overwhelming. Too many insular twats are also running the country, my point being, your country is anytime better than Malaysia, 100000 times better...

Btw, good political view there mate.

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