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Many of you have heard me speak about health care reform or have read my books - Obamacare First Aid.    When it comes to the future of health insurance, I often  refer to my "Magic Eight Ball.:"   While  I have  spent 27 years helping businesses and individuals as a licensed independent health insurance  agent in Florida, I would say that the changes that have taken place are just the beginning.  We have a long way to go and according to my Magic Eight Ball, the future is "uncertain/ask again"  - ha!   

With "change" there are plenty of opportunities.      I took advantage of that perception and four years later I'm proud to announce the GRAND OPENING of CHANGES IN ATTITUDE HYPNOSIS.  No joke... no quacking like ducks or barking like a dog ...just training, passion, and a unyielding desire to help anyone who would like to focus on something in their life that they want to achieve.  Maybe it's eliminating a habit or fear or enhancing performance in business and in pleasure.   

How can hypnosis help?   Our brains are made of two components - critical thinking (12% of our brains)  & subconscious (88% of our brain).     Hypnosis helps relax your critical thinking side of your brain to connect with your subconscious  to help reinforce or eliminate habits, fears, stress reduction, etc.    It's not magic are never out of a hypnotic  state you are very much aware of what is happening...  you are simply very relaxed and receptive to suggestions.   
   Many of us go into a hypnotic state when we day dream, drive (yikes), study or read for long lengths of time.  Right before we doze off at night, the state of mind when you are drifting but still aware..that's a hypnotic state of mind. 

    Hypnosis can be considered magical in the sense that it can change your life.  

    I  didn't believe it until I was personally  hypnotized.   

    Don't think you can be hypnotized?  Only if you want to.  You are in full control.  

If you can LISTEN, FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS & want to be hypnotized, then you can be. 

 So, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and exhale slowly and RELAX...  okay, now open your eyes and grab your cell phone and call me for your COMPLIMENTARY (on site)  relaxing hypnosis session..561-523-8021 (two office locations - Palm Beach Gardens & Lake Worth/Wellington). Limit one complimentary  50 min session per person.  Offer expires 8/31/14.  
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Audrey Snow

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Open enrollment Season is about 90 days away - Health Care Reform.  Do you know what to do?  Do you know how the PPACA may affect you?  Will the govt help you pay for your health insurance next year?  Find out -   ObamaCare First Aid - Your First Aid to Understanding the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act for individuals and families under age 65    Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and   
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Audrey Snow

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New informative concise question & answer book available Amazon, Barnes and Noble,  in question & answer format - answers two basic questions:  What do I need to do this fall for PPACA Open Enrollment?  What do I need to know?
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