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Kirill Maximov (KIR)
Software developer, entrepreneur, father, husband, nomad
Software developer, entrepreneur, father, husband, nomad

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Hello friends,

We are considering to change behaviour of move up/down command using ctrl+arrows for lists with hierarchy. The new approach is available on our beta site, Could you please try it out and tell us what you think?


Hi everyone,

I have a couple of news for you:

- Checkvist is running on a new server (we migrated a week ago, so far so good)
- On you can try 'time estimation' feature (
- Mark a task with #30m or #4h or #2d tag to set estimate
- On the parent task, press 'pc' for progress counter
- Checkvist will show summary estimate of non-completed tasks (for those tasks where estimate is set)
- Use popup over estimate to see total time estimate, including completed tasks.

Feedback is welcome :)


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Hello friends,

We've finally released an update to Checkvist mobile app.

I hope you'll like it as much as we do - it is much better than previous version (not perfect, but still :)

Next step on mobile - due screen, after that we'll consider adding a native wrapper.


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Hello friends,

Recently we've got a request to introduce a shortcut to move items to the first/last position on the current level of hierarchy:

And this bring me to a thought to use the current shortcut (Ctrl+Home/Ctrl+End) for this purpose. But with an extension - if an item is already on the top position on the current hierarchy level, Ctrl+Home would move item one level up (and put it at the beginning of this level).

This will break the current behaviour (moving item to the beginning of the list), but probably will make this shortcut more useful.

What do you think? 

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Hello friends,

We're going to publish the next update for our mobile app, and we decided to give you a chance to try it and share your feedback first.

The main feature (besides lots of bugfixing) in the app is support for filtering in the list, including smart syntax like due: now or changed: 2d or #some_tag. This filtering works in-par with hoist/focus, if needed.

The preview version of the app is available at (that's right, we've finally enabled HTTPS for the mobile app as well, and is also available with https protocol).

We'd appreciate if you try and tell us what you think, if it works for you, is it smoother than the previous version.

Thank you!

If anyone remembers a film where a design Chicago company hires a copywriter, who finds out that all designers in the company cannot read?

Could you drop a link, if you do?

Thanks :)

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Here is a list of current tree-editing changes on

1. On the profile page, we introduced an option "Enter always submits", disabled by default, to allow Facebook-style editing. We also clearly indicate multi-line mode, when it is activated.
2. Enter on an expanded parent item adds a child item. Enter on a collapsed node adds a sibling. - Looks like too ambiguous
3. Enter on a focused item always adds a child.
4. After item deletion, the selection is set to the next sibling. When the last child is deleted, selection is set to the parent.
5. New experimental 'tc' keyboard shortcut which remembers the URL of the currently selected node. This URL can be inserted with Ctrl+K dialog.

Please share your feedback, both positive and negative :)

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What do you think about this request?
This is actually in-line with how paste works now.

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We are still looking for a better way to work with the multi-line text in Checkvist. This is the latest variation. Please try it out on and tell us what you think. Thanks!

On we're trying to change overdue due date presentation in a list - now real missed date is shown instead of red 'overdue' text. It seems that it is more usable. What do you think?
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