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My latest poem in an inspirational environmental and arts journal

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A wonderful review of my ebook in this amazing blog!

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Just wanted to let you know that How to Write Poetry is FREE to download all week, from May 25-29. Ideal for creative writing workshops :)

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How to Write Poetry, my new ebook​, is FREE to download from Nov. 28 to Dec. 2​:

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Reading at the Silver Bow Book Launch

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My poem "You Were There" just got published in Issue 13 of Lantern Magazine:

You Were There
You were there 
in the lavender sunset swirl 
of paint on canvas 
through the grassy terrain 
to Gibson’s Beach
in the cadence of the royal blue shells 
the waves wash to the shore
the gentleness you are 
finding its way to me
like the wind breathing cypress
in the rustle of summer leaves 
through the grace of long easy days

You were there
in the tempo of waiting
the lonely pages 
of chapters in time
when I poured 
my longing into work
loving through the brokenness
You were there
in the allegro 
of road trips through life
the toddlers and labradors and sunflowers 
I nurtured as my own
and in the crescendo of mountain trails 
leading to Eagle Bluffs

You were there
out my bedroom window 
as planes disappeared into stars
and the moon filled each night 
to watch over and guide and protect
this exquisite gift of existence

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A beautiful poem by my friend across the sea

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Crescent Moon
I am so honoured that my dear friend Jouna Jou translated my poem Crescent Moon, originally published in Cradle Our Spirit emagazine, into Arabic! A gifted poetess and translator, Jouna Jou's Arabic version is said to enhance the beauty! Crescent Moon the r...
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