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Vince Kingston
A Canadian Geek Living the big Geek Life in Denmark
A Canadian Geek Living the big Geek Life in Denmark


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For those of you in the UK/Europe, just a reminder that registration is now open for the UK Open taking place at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham this year.

I'm the co-TO for the tourney, so if you have any questions do let me know. Still plenty of space left, and the top 6 qualify for the UK National tourney:

Hej Savages :)

Quick question - is there a currently published setting which can be used to game in the world of X Com? if not - what supplements would you use to create such a world?

So I'm heading to the Nordic Championships this weekend in Malmø at Sydcon - anyone else going to be there?

There's about 10 of us yokels from Copenhagen invading Sweden for the tourney ;)

Hey guys,

As it is beginning to prove difficult to find face-time with my EoTE group, I'm wondering if anyone has had success with Roll20 for EoTE - and if there's a plugin or some such which handles the die rolls?

Anyone out there who can help out?


Seems there's a tonne of maps for fantasy locations, but does anyone know of battle-mats (physical ones) made for more 'sci-fi' locations that are useable for EoTE games?

Just curious - is anyone up for a Roll20 game of Esteren? Sadly none of my local players are interested, and I'm really really digging the setting material.

Well the UK Games Expo is now done and dusted. The UK national tournament was on Saturday, and I'll be posting up some pics once I get home to a better net connection. I'm happy (and surprised) to say I finished 8th overall (out of I think 56 people), which was far better than I'd expected to do.

Ja Little was on hand for some q&a, and it was fantastic to meet him, get some cards signed, and walk away with the mat I played on. All in all it was a great experience, and I look forward to next year :)

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We held a little 'fix up day' here where we laminated our dials, and some of the guys sealed their cardboard tokens and such. Good fun was had.

At the end of the craft session, we had a 200 pt match between three of us (we had four of us "geeking out" over the dials. One of the guys had to leave early or face the wrath of the mrs).

Good fun was had, and I'm looking forward to another such day in the near future.
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A whole mess of pictures from our X Wing Tournament from yesterday. Good fun was had - six players, only one winner.
Valby Påske Tournament 2013
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Just some photos of my 150pt bout tonight at our local meet up. I was the rebellion - fielding Lando, Dutch, Tycho, and Arvel. My opponent was playing Kath, Darth, Howlrunner and Turnir. Despite some early imperial success, the rebels managed to roll well and take them down after a 2hr fight.
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