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Now is the time to learn a new blog.

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Yup, I am back. Back from what, say you? Well, a while back, I started a blog on another site, as well as a “Word of the Day” on my Facebook page. Then life stepped in and, as it will do, changed those plans a bit. So I took my own “break”, and now I’m […]

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Monkey Bread with Cream Cheese Filling
The other day I posted a picture of a dessert I made, and I had a few requests for the recipe. It's a monkey bread; those of you familiar with that will know that it's a pull-apart bread. This one is filled with cream cheese and chocolate (yum!) so for me, ...

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King Ranch Chicken Casserole
I posted
this picture of my King Ranch Chicken casserole the other day on Facebook and
had a few requests for the recipe. This is a traditional Texas casserole, supposedly from the kitchens of the actual ranch in south Texas. King Ranch is one of the larges...

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I had so many inquiries for the recipe of this cake, I dusted off the ole blog and typed one. Thank you, by the way, I've been wanting to get back into my blog and maybe this is the incentive I need! :)   This is not a cake for anyone with a fear of calorie...

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Reducing the Phone Bill! Guest Post
A while back, my hubby did a guest post for me on how he helped us cut our cable costs by $150.. that's been over a year now, and we haven't missed cable at all! This post is how he also helped us reduce our phone bill, which was originally bundled with our...

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Pecan Pie Bark
One of my goals for 2015, besides posting more on my blog here, is to test out more new recipes. In a busy life, it's easy to just go with what you know, right? I like to cook, because I really like to eat!! So with that in mind, I have a category on my Wun...

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Homemade Chicken Pot Pie
This all started because I had
leftover baked chicken. We’d had it just-baked, in salads, etc. Usually, I will
just make chicken and rice to use it up, but I wanted something different this time. These little pies were so good and oh so easy!! So I will try...

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Trash to Treasure: Garden Bench!
You know how it is… you’re sitting around one day, having
coffee with a friend (me), and you say to her: “I really like the garden bench
Jon built for you. Wish I had one.” And that friend (me) says, “Yes! You could
certainly use one!” Be careful what you w...

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A friend of mine asked me to make this walker carryall to use as a demo in a class she was giving. It was so much fun and generated a lot of positive comments on my Facebook page, so I was asked to post the instructions. I did my best to explain it but I ha...
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