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287 followers - : Two views of the same workout, mostly. : Two views of the same workout, mostly.

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We have some exciting news to share. Elle's brother has co-founded NOKA which has launched a campaign on +Kickstarter   to fund their Smoothie On-The-Go. We were fortunate to sample the flavors in May and they are excellent and not in the 'you-are-family-so-I-must-feel-this-way' excellent; they are legit tasty. The campaign is well on its way with 18 days to go. Don't wait for it to kick. Get in on it now, if for no other reason a year from now you can say, "NOKA? Oh yeah, I helped launch that company."

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Better late than never, right? We posted a race report for the TriZona Starr Pass sprint triathlon from March of this year. Enjoy!

(Teaser: The next race report is going to be a dooooozy.)

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Another reason to love TheSufferfest.

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ICYMI: We've posted our race report about the Challenge-St Andrews half-iron distance race from earlier this month. We also put up a couple of late reports. Enjoy.

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On July 27th pro women will return to the Tour de France to race for a single day called La Course. To allow women to race is something so obvious it belies how hard and long those behind the scenes had to fight to make it happen. Quite frankly it is embarrassing to the sport and particularly the UCI. 

Please watch this 5 minute video about one of the principals who made this happen. Would should celebrate her efforts and sacrifices to getting us closer to ending discrimination in cycling. The best way to do that is to tune into NBC sports (probably online only) on July 27th to watch the race. 

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Risking seeing TdF spoilers to share this video. Ride safely everyone.

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Taking advantage of the TdF rest day to venture into social media and let you know some more late race reports have been added to the blog. We are catching up! We just posted the pre-race report for Challenge-St Andrews. It was an eventful weekend worthy of two posts. We'll post the race report this week and then we have 2 more to write. Racing 3 weekends in a row is exhausting.

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We are about to start posting some belated race reports. The first is for Elle's first race of the season: The Wrentham Duathlon. 

Elsewhere, I'll be off The Plus even more than I have been lately because there are too many TdF spoilers during the day. 


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Nothing like a fixed-gear night crit in the rain.
Red Hook Crit 7 Brooklyn 2014

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Feeling a little beat up today after this past weekend's Heartbreak Hill Hat Trick. We ran a 5k and 10k on Saturday, then a half-marathon on Sunday. Not the most advisable thing for a guy whose run volume has been low while he continues to rehab a back injury. Nonetheless, I had a good time and feel stronger for it.

I caught a glimpse of Shalane Flanagan and Sarah Reinertsen, as well as Amby Burfoot and Bart Yasso. If we can find the energy between training and work, we'll do a race report.
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