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Garden on Eden, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
#landscapephotography   #photographyworkflow   #photographytips  


I am pretty sure that Garden of Eden would have looked something like this? Right? I love this location of Eagle Creek in Northern Oregon. It is difficult to get here, but the best time to visit this location is when it is raining under heavy overcast skies. This was my third attempt to photograph this location....and if I had to try 300 more times before getting a shot like this I would have enjoyed every minute of it. 

How was this photograph created?
The composition of the photograph selected to create depth. To accomplish this, I placed the camera close the surface of the water and used a wide angle lens to capture the image. To capture this photo, I had to stand in the snow melt water for about 45 minutes and wait just the right distribution of the bubbles to go by me to capture their streaks. By the time I was done my feet were numb for next hour and half. ;))

Enjoy & Share.

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A Green Rose wants to say something

I am a green rose
No one can see me
Because I won't show myself
My real self
All around me are red roses
I am a green rose
It's not impossible to find me
Just try, keep a search
Where am I
Where you can find me
Not a red rose
I’m a green rose
I’m hard to find
Impossible to think of
Amazing in the inside
Good color
Forget those red roses
I’m a green rose
Different is always better
People like different
Seeing a green rose
Shocks the world
I not like a red rose
Red roses are always the same
Like a clique
There is only one green rose
that’s me
I’m a green rose
Beautiful, Different, Pure Beauty 

Poem title: Green Rose
~by November Nelson

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Love, love, love! I am in love!!! (:

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