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Building gardens and growing housing.
Building gardens and growing housing.

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«This is remarkable. In unprecedented joint letter, the entire American health care system - 1/6 of the economy - rejects Graham-Cassidy.»

Holy moly. That's not hyperbole. Doctors, hospitals, insurance companies. Only part missing is drug and equipment manufacturers, I guess.

Check out @TopherSpiro’s Tweet:

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"FOUND ACROSS the lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia, this venomous, island-dwelling snake is an aggressive predator, and its tendency towards fight over flight has made it an intimidating presence in the streets of Bali, where it’s one of the most common causes of venomous bites.

Called the white-lipped island pit viper (Trimeresurus albolabris insularis), it’s one of three subspecies of the white-lipped pit viper (T. albolabris).
[T]he blue variety is rare, and only occurs in places such as Komodo Island, where both green and blue individuals have been spotted.

And even stranger still, this doesn’t appear to be a temporary shift in colour like it can be in other species - anecdotes from people who keep them as pets suggest that it really is permanent.

“It is implied that this is not an ontogenetic or temporary colour - these blue snakes are blue their entire life,” says Stephen Mahony from the Herpetology Collection at the Australian Museum."

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Another famous Black athlete who "cannot stand and sing" during the national anthem: Jackie Robinson.

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Hey, it is fucking amazing progress that the first one is even a question. Before Hillary was first lady, the answer was just 'No'.

The second one, not so much.

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Ignore the click-bait headline, but I found this bit useful (tho the article author did not):

...“politics was no longer about left versus right. Instead, a series of smaller conflicts—religious versus secular, nationalist versus globalist, white versus nonwhite—were all merging into a larger polarity, ruling class versus Middle America.” If we group these binaries into their respective camps, what we get is a secular, globalist, non-white ruling class versus a religious, nationalist, white Middle America. But the American ruling class is neither secular nor non-white. These nonsensical categories only make sense to the degree that Francis’s populism was directed at mobilizing whites against non-whites, not at the ruling class.

Now I understand what that 'cosmopolitan' dog whistle meant.

+Susan Stone, +Cindy Brown, +Donna Buckles
"Brooks should resign. And if he won’t, then the Times should fire him and hire someone who’s capable of rigorous—and humane—thought."

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Now THAT is the kind of place I would like to be buried!
cemetery - Osceola, Nevada (my wife's photo)...

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"Textiles represent one of the earliest human craft technologies and applied arts, and their production would have been one of the most important time, resource and labour consuming activities in the ancient past.

In archaeological contexts, textiles are relatively rare finds, especially in Mediterranean Europe where conditions are unfavourable for organic material preservation. Many archaeological textile fragments do, however, survive in mineralised form, which forms the basis of a new study published today in Antiquity.

Detailed analysis of several hundred textile fragments has provided, for the first time, a much more detailed definition of the textile cultures in Italy and Greece during the first half of the first millennium BC.

According to Dr Margarita Gleba, the study's author and researcher at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge, (Luckily for us, during the Iron Age (c. 1000-400 BC) people were buried with a lot of metal goods such as personal ornaments, weapons and vessels. These metals are conducive to the preservation of textiles as the metal effectively kills off the micro-organisms which would otherwise consume the organic materials, while at the same time metal salts create casts of textile fibres, thereby preserving the textile microstructure)."

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