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Kat Evans
a cat who is inky
a cat who is inky
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so today i sneezed on my cat and he was not happy at all

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whats going on here?
+Goddamnit Will 

i'm confused where have i got 126,453 views from and what does this mean

greetings loved ones, i am back for my monthly update

just remember that you are the raddest dad around and no one should tell you otherwise

so i took a break from editing my mum's wedding video and was messing around the some of the video features on my editor and now i seemed to have made a snk movie trailer oops

wow i keep thinking that my dp is a badger and thats when i keep laughing to myself

before today september 2012 was the last thing i ever posted, im so glad you all survived the hiatus !!!

im so glad that my profile is 85% done i mean what happens when i reach 100 do i win confetti

thank you google for adding hashtags to my posts, i dont know what i would do without them
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