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Social Justice Event- Iggy's Doughboy Dash
For my Social Justice event I attended the Iggy's Doughboy Dash. You may be wondering how this could have anything to do with FNED  but surprisingly it does. On April 13th was when Iggy's hosted there second annual doughboy dash funding children with disabi...

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For this weeks blog post and last blog post on the readings, I decided to pull out some quotes that I thought were interesting to me. Sometimes I find it easier to use quotes from the text to explain the connections that I have with them. "Students in empow...

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Citizenship in School: Reconceptualizing Down Syndrome
For this Weeks reading we had to read Citizenship in School: Reconceptualizing Down Syndrome. This reading out of all the many readings that we have had to read so far this semester, has had to of been my least favorite. I was not engaged in this text at al...

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Literacy with an Attitude
For this weeks reading I had a little bit of trouble trying to get through the reading especially considering that it was thirty five pages, but after managing to read it, I couldn't believe how it connected so well with Delpit. I decided to do my blogpost ...

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Brown vs Board of Education
When I saw that the reading for this week was going to be about the Board of Education I was very excited. I can remember back in the tenth grade I had to do a huge report on Brown vs. Board of Education. Although I can't remember much of what it was about ...

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In The Service Of What?
 In this article I decided to pull some quotes that I thought was interesting and could elaborate a little more on. In the beginning of this article it was confusing to me because I wasn't fully aware of the difference between the "charity" and "change" typ...

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Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us- Arguement
In this article Lisa Christensen argues that today's society and media are responsible for the images of ourselves and others
in today's world. She claims that Disney, and other cartoon authors show off multiple stereotypes throughout their cartoons and ch...

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Safe Spaces-Hyperlink
After reading safe Spaces I was really intrested to learn more. Although it is not a very pleasing topic to read about when you are reading about childrens' thoughts of suicide because of how bullied they are being, it intrests me to know the problems that ...

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Aria: Rodriguez
After reading both of these stories I had a little trouble figuring out
which article I wanted to talk about and which prompt I wanted to use. I took
the time to read some posts of other class mates and then I came across Madison’s.
In Madison post she tell...
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