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President of the Birland State

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Japan Scholarships All
All Japan Scholarships

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The Korean Government Scholarship Program
The Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP)  supports the future global leaders and promotes the international cooperation in education by inviting talented international students to Korea for an opportunity to conduct advanced studies at higher educat...

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Japan Scholarhips
Japan Scholarhips ■ Study in JAPAN Comprehensive Guide ■ Master’s Degree and Internship Program of the African Business Education Ini  tiative for Youth :ABE Initiative

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Rīga Conference Future Leaders Forum 2017
Rīga Conference Future Leaders Forum 2017 in Latvia The Rīga Conference has become a unique venue for constructive dialogue on international security issues between leading global decision makers. The event is organized jointly by the Latvian Transatlantic ...

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UN Youth Volunteer Assignment
National UN Volunteers are invaluable assets to the work of the United Nations,  They are Providing opportunities to youth to change the world for the better while simultaneously honing your own skills, gaining knowledge and a better understanding of the re...

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Scholarships Austria
Scholarships Austria This portal is tailor made for you: all the information you need to locate the prefect grant option is here at your finger tips.  More than that, you can immediately move to applying online.  Will keep you posted on the current status o...

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International Scholarship for Non-Canadians
International Scholarship Opportunities for Non-Canadians Choose Canada as your study or research destination and explore the scholarship opportunities available to support the best and brightest to come to Canada. Explore our database by country of origin ...

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UN Youth Summer School on Diplomacy Romania
The UN Youth Summer School on Diplomacy   is an educational programme that provides a unique space for learning and networking for students from all around the world. Here, distinguished speakers will contribute through diverse perspectives and experiences ...
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