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Abel Castro

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Listenin fi More Justice by deh one an only Jr. Gong!

Me nah go bow dung to nuh Slave Master!
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Abel Castro

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Nice song is nice.... :)
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Abel Castro

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I'm back for I need people. +Jadey A-S Wilson :)
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Aww thanks lovely for being so warm and sweet even when we do not know each other and are apart by a mass of water. You'll hear more from me in the coming days.
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Abel Castro

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Yay! Rock on cool plz! :)
Eren Mckay originally shared:
Created this circle so you all can find
awesome people to hang out with.
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Abel Castro

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[Xmas Song]

For all of us ひとり Xmas peeps, Hyadain released a very special Xmas song!
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Abel Castro

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And from time to time I pop up with things like this:

Kaya Teachings

You have taught InI that everything has a bright side
You have taught InI that every thought can be Irie
You have taught InI that soul liberation is an everyday mission
You have taught InI that InI belong to I, King Selassie and Emmanuel
But let’s not forget the teachings of Prophet Garvey
Kya whe bun dem inequity
Whe bun dem Mental Slavery
Whe bun dem malicious everyday gazing
Whe bun dem bad mind
You have taught InI that we ought to enjoy every decision and every action
You have taught InI, through the voice of Jr. Gong. that vexation of spirit is a waste of time
You have taught InI that smiling spreads the good vibes to people
You have taught InI that livity does not only reside in knowledge but in the heart was well
You have taught InI that it is OK to be better
I now know that you are Godsend
I now know that for you to love, you have to let yourself feel love
Thank you!
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Always good to see you popping-up, Abel :D
Much love and cheer to you, always x
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Abel Castro

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His laugh is mental!!!
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Abel Castro

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[A journey]

Sad letters come back again
like a never stopping train
living in my heart a stain
that makes me always come back to this cane

I don't want you any more
You always make me feel sore
I'm just asking for a door
A light, a sign... nothing more

I feel stuck in the same place
like a rat in a maze
like a cadet space
or a clown in a case

You have always been my unknown companion
not letting me into the battalion
or find myself to become a stallion
so I can roar loud like a lion

Please don't get tired of me
Cuz I will always want you to see
Just how happy I can be
the day I can say: this is me.
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Beautiful Abel...
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Abel Castro

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[A little taste of the locks]

I took this yesterday. Among 6 other pics this is the one that shows the most detail.
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Yeah it's all about the patience journey :)
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Abel Castro

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[Bits & Bolts]

Today I 'discovered' that you can play Snake with the dotted loading circle of youtube videos whilst they are loading! :D
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Yeah I didn't know that one! Good call :)
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English and Philosophy student, Full time Rastafarian
Contributor to
Proud Rasta Rican!
I am majoring in English teaching and Philosophy at UNA in Costa Rica. I enjoy Asian dramas and select Anime titles, film related content, learning in general, a good conversation with my friends along with a nice meal.

Also I like to go clubbing and I'm a Rastafarian with a passion for Psychedelic exploration, Music, Pop culture, Film, Art, Languages, 日本語, Computers, Sports, and Human behaviour.

¡Rastafari me ha enseñado todo lo que hay que aprender, y si he aprendido más es porque me ha toca'o perder, y es que la enseñanza del camino es 'pa fortalecer, bienvenido entonces sea lo que hay que recorrer! - Zona Ganjah

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