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I used Shazam to discover Uridium by Press Play On Tape.

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We are deep inside the ocean, I mean, we are in the week set for the Run for the ocean initiative by +Runtastic in cooperation with +adidas.
At the following link ( you can see that as today 56,230 participants run 185,076 km for this initiative.
While the initiative seems a good thing I really don't see any reason or benefit to do it.
First of all the application doesn't give you any feedback about this, I was expecting some message at the end of my session but nothing or that I could share my session with a special message ,there is no summary page and even the story run created by Runtastic needs to be downloaded separately and can not be initiated inside the app.
I was expecting that a leaderboard could have been setup for the participant with more kms run with some prices, the famous Adidas Parley UltraBOOST but, again, nothing.

In the end the initiative looks only an advertisement for the shoes, not more.

Not good +Runtastic, definitely not good.


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+Runtastic keeps updating its Runtastic Results adding a workout creator in the last version 2.3

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As already posted Runtastic has won the 2017 Google I/O prize for best Android Wear Experience.
You can find at this link the Runtastic Blog article about the announcement.
Let me tell you immediately that I totally disagree with the award. I have been awaiting the update to Android Wear 2.0 for my Polar m600 just to use Runtastic on it and it has been a huge disappointment.The application is really barebone, it has just the minimum needed and it doesn`t give any reason to use it.
The previous Runtastic for AW 1.x was even better, at least you could swipe between screens to have more informations, here you are stuck with one screen only for 3 parameters, Ok you can long press to change it but definitely you can not do it when running.

Then, no live tracking (my polar m600 is not LTE enabled but I would have liked to use tethering with my smartphone), no workout types, no map while running, no lap times and, as you can see from the pictures, the screen doesn't even fit the display.

Runtastic developers can do much more, this is a total failure in my opinion.
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One of the highlights of Runtastic has been always the wonderful Live Tracking and Cheering feature.
Few months ago the feature finally landed on the Runtastic main app so you can receive the notification of you friend activity start directly in your smartphone and actually follow and cheer for him. Exciting!
And also in this case this is another wonderful feature not fully implemented for the following reasons:
- The display shows that you can send Mp3 or record your voice. These functions are not active and gives you error.
- It is not possible to zoom in your friend map to check the details
- There is no graph showing the pace and other details while live
- If you check your friend live tracking and exit the app there is no possibility to follow him again. A “live friends” tab is badly needed as you tend to send him cheers at the beginning of the activity and not after a while, when probably he needs them!
- Finally, a minor suggestion: if you are Premium user you can send 2 additional cheers (Awesome and ...) meaning the receiver of the cheers will benefit from them (even if he is not a Premium user). However if a standard user wants to cheer a Premium user he can not send those 2 additional cheers. Boooo!

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Soon my personal opinion about it...

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One of the best features in Runtastic is the possibility to chose different types of workout. We already spoke about the "Beat your time" feature that is almost useless in the form it is.
Therefore I an definitely say my most favorite workout type is the distance/time. It is practically a ghost run with an opponent that runs at constant pace and it is perfect during long distance races such as Half and Full Marathons.
However it is an another example of a good feature that good be excellent but it is not for the following reasons:
- you get the indication of time ahead/behind only at 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 of your set distance. Not so much if you consider that running a marathon you get the indication only at 10.5, 21 and 32,5 km and everybody knows a lot of things could happen in 10kms
- terrible BUG: the voice feedback fails to tell you if you are ahead or behind. For example you get "distance 10 km, time, 57 mins, 42 secs". 42 secs what??? Am I ahead or behind???
- It would be great to have a voice feedback about your projected final time. For example I set my target of 10km, 50 mins and I'm actually going very well, beating my goal. I would like the voice feedback telling me something like: "distance 5 km, 24 mins, 1 min ahead, projected time 48 min". It would be very motivating.

Note: The last suggestion can be applied also for distance workout and time workout. The related voice feedback could be option with a purposely made setting like pace, calories, heart rate

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This is another app I don't use and that shows an excellent use of Material design.
If you are a smoker and want to quit this is the app for you!

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Finalmente!!! Questa attesa è stata struggente! Bravissimi come sempre +AstronautiCAST​

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Around 2 years ago (If I remember well) +Runtastic introduced a Challenge an Activity workout, otherwise known as Ghost Run.
The idea is fantastic, you are in competition with an an opponent and you get voice feedback if you are ahead, behind, if your challenger is recovering and so on.

Still it is an half baked feature for the following reasons:
- you never receive an indication of the time gap between you and your opponent
so you don't how good (or bad) you are running
- your opponent is only you, you can't challenge a friend
- why not putting together this feature with the route? I could choose a route and prompted to try to beat the best time held on that route

As it is I can definitely say it is a feature practically useless.

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