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Lyn Lawson
I can always edit my profile later you know.
I can always edit my profile later you know.

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I"m mostly making this public for the purposes of letting Americans hear cockatoos. But you can watch it, I don't mind. 

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If you put jelly in a teapot, and try to pour it out, it takes about a fortnight, to get it out the spout.

Oh this is all upgraded and stuff and whatnot. Cool.

I do keep forgetting about plus, which is a shame as I like it more than FB. It's less shouty.

So the CD I want isn't out over here till November which is like 6 months after the UK. This is why people steal.

Sad but true: Although I work from home, I have IE open.

I am off to Sydney tomorrow.

The invite button is a dangerous tease. "Hey guys I have invites!" "Oh invite me!" "OKay.. oh I can't, sorry"

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I am a little bit bored, can you tell?
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