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I knew right away when I transferred to Plymouth State that I wanted to be and Interdisciplinary Studies major. This program is exactly what I was looking for. The freedom to choose and hone in on an area of study that is customized to what I want to do, while also being accredited and thoughtfully constructed to meet qualifications put forth by the university. 

I am an Integrative Wellness major which is an alternative way to look at human health sciences. As oppose to the westernized approach in healing and medical practices (primarily prescriptive), I prefer to look at the human health condition from multiple perspectives and disciplines. These disciplines include Biology, Anthropology, Psychology, Social Work, Communications, and Philosophy. By understanding foundational knowledge of human health from multiple perspectives, I can then understand what would benefit the person as a whole using alternative healing practices.
An Interdisciplinary Studies program in my opinion, is not an easy feat to complete. It involves hard work and planning. It is constant consideration of what message and meaning one chose’s to pursue. Although my major is composed of courses that cater to my way of learning and my personal interest, I also know that my fellow peers in the same Interdisciplinary Studies program have also worked hard to compose and create a major that is not only something so personal to them, but can also be universally used since it is built upon multiple areas of study. 
The Interdisciplinary Studies program is for the progressive thinker. It is for someone who prefers to learn outside the box of a predesigned educational experience. In my opinion, it has been a rather tedious process that involves proper planning, but also involves passion to endure this new and less traveled road to find a new kind of an educational experience. 

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