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I have access to a vinyl cutter, laser cutter and 3d printer if anyone can think of some cool stuff to do for the game. Maybe vinyl decals for the teams? People can put them on the cars. Or maybe some of the pokemon stops want to put a pokeball decal on the window or something.

Anyone checked out station square? I get the feeling that might be a good spot to catch water pokemon. Maybe I will stop by there after work today.

Any team valor people wanna meet up? I suggest we combine pokemon with alcohol. Pokemon pub crawl? Bar, take over gym, walk to the next bar hitting up the pokestops, then bar and gym battle. Rinse and repeat?

Hi everyone. This is an exciting time. I work in the strip district and that is a really good place to pick up pokestops. Anyone else find some good places to walk and play?

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Well none of the CVDs I got from HobbyKing work for this project and I have had horrible customer service from them. Someone recommended HSP 188015 and I did some looking. For those of us in the USA, amazon actually is selling them. Hopefully they fit. 

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I want to start start printing with the Nylon. Does anyone have a profile for a Makerbot 2x printer and the Taulman 618 Nylon filament? What settings do I need to change?

Hey guys. I started working on this project a long time ago and ended up putting it in a box because I got too busy. But I want to finish it up. I was working on the transmission when I stopped. Can anyone post a link to details about the metal transmission?

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Example of new tank track system. They have different colors too.

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New tank track system for those of you building your own rc tanks.

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 I designed a new track system for building tanks. Please check it out.
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