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Patrick Horneker
Linux guru, website and applications developer, photographer, FOSS advocate, and cat lover (also with experience in retail and customer service)
Linux guru, website and applications developer, photographer, FOSS advocate, and cat lover (also with experience in retail and customer service)

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The ISO for Siamese Edition has been released.  This is a complete reworking of the 64-bit Tabby Edition, Version 1.  So far, Siamese, Tabby 3 and Legacy Editions are now booting properly.  Only the Legacy Edition is the 32-bit edition.  The other editions are 64-bit.

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This is a brand new ISO with the desktop and applications reworked for usability from the live DVD, which weighs in at 2.4GB.  This is the 64-bit version.

Included here is LibreOffice, Texlive (with Texmaker and LyX for frontend applications), GIMP, Firefox, Chromium, Opera, Abiword, Banshee, Evolution and more packed into a 2.4GB disk image.

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The ISO does work, but not in the way I expected.  Instead of KDM launching on boot from a DVD image, I get GDM with a solid blue background.  I was not thrilled to find a minimal GNOME desktop.  However, I have a somewhat minimal KDE desktop and a full WindowMaker desktop on the DVD.  Also included is LibreOffice, Texlive (with Texmaker and Lyx for frontend applications), and support for most wireless devices, and for HP and Epson all in one devices.

Fortunately, the DVD is USABLE for a minimal OpenSuSE installation without having to deal with separately installing the bloated product known as Texlive.

(Have you seen the size of some of the support files that are dependencies of Texlive.  One of the documentation packages weighs in at 387MB!!!)

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After creating four versions of my complete OpenSuSE derivative, I am now creating a Legacy Edition of my distribution targeted at legacy x86 machines, that is older machines with 512MB to 2GB of memory.  Desktops provided on the Legacy Edition DVD are KDE, IceWM and WindowMaker.  A standard 32-bit kernel is included on the distribution, as is Firefox, LibreOffice (minimal), Texlive, LyX, Texworks, Abiword, and a host of other packages I have yet to determine, keeping in mind the limitations of the targeted hardware.  (I may substitute Chromium for Firefox as I test the distribution.)

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New ISOs of the 64-bit Tabby edition and the 32-bit Calico editions have been released.  But for some reason, the 32-bit Tabby editions will not build at SuSE Studio.

OpenSuSE 13.1 should be released soon.  When It does, and becomes available in SuSE Studio, I will have to make some decisions about which editions to upgrade.  This could mean having to create a new lightweight release for legacy machines (Pentium IV class) with a standard 32-bit kernel, while maintaining the full version for 64-bit machines only.

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I have been working on a new Linux distribution using SuSE Studio. This is a 3.1GB ISO that you can burn to a LiveDVD. When you boot this, select "tux" for the username, and type "linux" to login.

I have a major issue with the 3.2 kernel. For some reason, the kernel will not properly mount a floppy diskette formatted for DOS. Under the 2.6 kernel, the diskette mounts properly.

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