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Stirling Davenport
Writer, painter, nature lover
Writer, painter, nature lover

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I Am Such a Messy Prototype
Like children playing with their food Creativity without a care Things fall down They come together For an earnest lifelike doll All scars and broken beauty Anticipating the next assignment This finger painting Without numbers, lines or lofty aims Mixing co...

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Bird on the Wire
It's hard to imagine the world after Millions of people hunt for food and shelter Acts of cruelty and kindness abound Animals and plants keep on course as always We tell ourselves we have free will, dominion and agency While scrambling on the edge of oblivi...

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First poem of the new year ...

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Hibernation Blinks
Pallid leaves flattened by softened sleep Nestle among the remnants of our waking dream Our nostalgic ruminations glisten In the afternoon haze As the first pioneering flakes begin to fall Leaving snow kisses that appear Like forgotten or yet to be lovers B...

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Winter is Coming
Sleety rain decorates the windshield Leaving drops of glistening tears I park with the others Cars turned inward Wiper blades folded down Our cars look like optimists In an unforgiving season It could be just habit We may have to put that car cover on Befor...

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Suffering Human
The story/lap people look up from their crosswords and smile with that sadness called wisdom … And young girls look anxious and pace and smoke Camels and wonder when someone will kiss them … Their mothers are weary of paper-doll lovers like Kennedy, Brownin...

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The Sad Clown
What if it was all an experiment? What if researchers wanted to find out if they could prop up
a leader so odious, so crass and full of lies, so downright disgusting, that
every time he opened his mouth, people were compelled to listen? What if they only wa...

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Seals live here Always lived here Breathe here Hearts beat here Whales too Sing their quiet sonorous poems Into the cavernous pathways Why not get a place By the road And sit back It's a good time to learn This could be your new job

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The Low Hum of Summer
The low hum of summer escaping through the air underpins each person's dreams equally without artifice or judgement The summer vibration has its own story being told in its way through, its own way through And all of us fellow travelers have already bought ...

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Arm Around a Tree
R eaching
down to cup my hands underneath the suffering souls Bringing
them up into the light and holding them to my breast, cradling them, Singing them
lullabies It’s what I
want to do for the world Is there
anything else?   Is there really anything
else? ...
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