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Sarah Albertson
I am a cat enthusiast who enjoys photography, gardening, baking, and growing bonsai trees
I am a cat enthusiast who enjoys photography, gardening, baking, and growing bonsai trees

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I've Moved!
I have grown tired of my blog layout/style for a while now so I have been searching for something new. I noticed a lot of bloggers have moved over to Wordpress, so I decided to check it out myself.   I instantly liked it and I have now moved my blog over th...

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Cat Photos Friday #124- Mad Boys
I had planned to do a spooky photo shoot for today, but the cats had other plans apparently.  They thought it would be a good idea to break into the attic one day while we were at work. But their idea went downhill fast when all the weird smells up there ca...

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A Drive Through a Cloud
These are some more photos from a day on the Blue Ridge Parkway last year when when we  drove through a storm cloud . The Blue Ridge mountains are tall enough that when the storm clouds descend, the mountain tops become engulfed in the cloud. As we drove al...

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The Night Fair
The magic of the fair really emerges at night.  As the sun goes down, and the lights comes on, it's like whole different magical world. The rainbow lights illuminate the black sky.  There is so much to look at, I can't look away. And when I get home and go ...

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Weekly Journal #65
It's that time of year when I remember that giant blanket I am attempting to knit. It has now been two years since I started it.  I have a really short attention span when it comes to projects. It's also the time of year for eating squash! We have been obse...

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Cat Photos Friday #123 Chester Jeeves day!
These guys are are four!! Four years ago we took a trip to Petsmart because we were thinking of getting a cat. ONE cat. We met a lady who had just rescued a bunch of kittens and she talked us into getting two, although we didn't really need much convincing!...

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Autumn Cemetery
I've always thought cemeteries were a peaceful place.  Especially on a quiet autumn evening.  The rolling hills in the  Old Salem  cemetery are laden with intricate grave stones, and lavish crypts.  No one else was around, making for the perfect walk, as th...

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A Day at the Fair
The fair is what first got me interested in photography, so many years ago. All the magical bright colors, the flashing lights, the exciting atmosphere.. I just wanted to capture it all.   It's still my favorite place to take photos of.  Even though they ha...

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Weekly Journal #64
My vegetable garden is overgrown but still churning out the occasional veggie. This was a cool gourd I found growing, but worms had moved in :( The weather has finally cooled down and to celebrate, I have been burning my pumpkin candles like crazy. All thes...

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Cat Photos Friday #122 Spooky House
Every year for Christmas the cats get a  cardboard gingerbread house  from Target. But this year, they I saw they were selling a Halloween haunted house! Since we got all three cats in October they've always seemed like Halloween cats to me, so I couldn't p...
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