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An interesting point.  If this is true, must it follow that consciousness reduce to physical laws (note: I fon't believe that Penrose is a reductionist though he may well be some sort of physicalist).  Many hard-core materialists believe by simply categoriz...

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Reductio ad undesirum
One might say this is a conundrum of the design inference:  Assuming for the moment that the biological world is due to design, is the most reasonable next inference--even if it can't be inferred scientifically but only philosophical/religious grounds--that...

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Intelligent Interference vs. Creation
Perry Marshall dismisses ID as Old Earth Creationism because he seemingly is against any inference to the interference of an Intelligence that might turn out to be an Entity that resists scientific inquiry--or at least admitting any such inferences into sci...

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Is Perry Marshall the Reza Aslan of Intelligent Design?
There is a sense in which Perry Marshall almost neuters the relevance of Intelligent Design the way that Reza Aslan attempts to neuter the history of Christianity.  Reza Aslan appears to concede that the resurrection of Jesus could have been a historical ev...

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Omniscience and Omnipotence in Evolution 2.0
The word 'omniscience' seems to play an important role in Perry Marshall's characterization of the Intelligent Design research program as a specie of Old Earth Creationism.  In at least two places ( here and here) Marshall seems to claim that Stephen Meyer ...

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The Many Problems With Perry Marshall's Conception of ID
Annotated for clarity, another comment that is lost in moderator limbo: April 21, 2017 at 2:58 pm I recently attended a play (“Disinherit the Wind”) by Matt Chait
in L.A. (who is definitely NOT a creationist in any generally accepted
sense) after which a ...

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Bill Nye Peddles "Junk" Science
Bill Nye the Clown Prince of Secular Humanism and Scientism has an entire show about how science will save us ... from our antiquated sexual mores among other things.  Watch if you dare but prepare to be offended by almost everything that is said and done. ...

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Genomic DNA: Consilience "proof" of undirected evolution
ID doesn't need common descent to be false (e.g., Michael Behe seems to accept common descent), but all theories of undirected evolution seem to require common descent.  Which means that to whatever degree common descent is not supported, undirected evoluti...

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Natural Selection: All Part of This Balanced Theory
Depending on how you define evolution, nearly everyone from
hyperadaptationists like Richard Dawkins to young earth creationists
believe that natural selection plays some role in diversification of
species (i.e. evolution with a small "e").  But not even...

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Ken Miller Opposes Academic Freedom in the Name of ... Academic Freedom
The above picture was one newspaper's way of characterizing the Anti-Evolution Tennessee statute during the time of the famous Scopes Trial, which was really more about trying the statute than trying Mr. Scopes. Ken Miller, who has been adamantly opposed to...
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