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The Health Benefits of Sweet Apple
Sweet apple is widely cultivated. That is why it is known by different names according to its place of cultivation.  Sugar Apple or Annona Squamosa Wikimedia Commons by Jim Conrad The English call it sugar apple or sweetsop as well as a  custard apple.  The...

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Garlic Lowers the Blood Pressure
Garlic not only imparts flavor to the food, but is good for the health too.  Garlic is very beneficial for health and could be used for several home remedies.  Peeled garlic Wikimedia Commons by  BrokenSphere Garlic has several medicinal properties and can ...

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Tips for Pneumonia
children are more prone to pneumonia. It is better to get acquainted with the
ways and means to save the children from the onslaught of pneumonia. The
disease could be checked with medicines, nutritious food, clean environment and
vaccination. Symptoms ...

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Five Herbs for Chest Pain
The chest pain is a very common and serious problem. The chest pain is not only the symptom of heart problem or heart attack but it also heralds that the eating habits should be changed.
Herbs and Spices Wikimedia Commons by  erikorama
The excessive intake

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The Health Benefits of the Juice of Indian Goseberries
It is afact that health is wealth. The beginning of the day with
a glass of the juice of Indian gooseberry keeps fresh and energetic throughout
the day. The intake of juice in empty stomach gives relief from several health
problems. Indian Gooseberry or Aml...

Advers effects of Mobile phones.

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Mobile phone Causes Cancer- American Research
After conducting the research for two and half years on the adverse effects of the radiations emanating from mobile phone, the Us Federal Agency has reached at surprising results. It has been found that the occurrence of the tumors of brain and heart are re...

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MSG or Ajinomoto is a Slow Poison
Ajinomoto in reality is a sodium salt known as  mono-sodium  glutamate or MSG, which comes in the form of white crystals. Crystals of Food AdditiveMSG Wikimedia Commons by Ragesoss It is generally used in Chinese foods in the form of spice. This
flavor enha...

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The Health Benefits of Curry Leaves
The curry leaves have several health benefits. It is  being  used
in Indian foods since centuries. The curry leaves are generally used for its
flavor and display of food items. Curry Leaves Wikimedia Commons by Suchitra kumari The 100 gram of curry leaves c...
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