UX-Tool: Persona Modeler

This is supposed to be a central Tool for creating Personas, collecting Data about them and Usability Tests.

It seems to be a great Corporate Toy to make Stake Holders happy and quantify Product Development.

I think it makes the same Mistake as many Software-Tools for Software-Design: it emphasizes Data over Understanding.

Just like a JIRA-Report telling you that 87,93% of the Software is finished (which still doesn't help to understand what is really working and where the Problems are), this Tool throws a lot of fancy Data and Forms at you. But like I said before, it doesn't foster Understanding, especially not Empathy and the User's Learning Curve.

More Data is the natural Enemy of Clarity and understanding Relationships.

Persona Modeler®, TandemSeven's new software-as-a-service product brings user-centered design to the next level. The secure, Web-based toolset enables user experience professionals to unleash the power of personas across the organization, allowing stakeholders to focus on customers and users like never before.

Make User Research More Effective: Persona Modeler’s Web-based, rich media repository provides a centralized location for all of your in-depth research findings. Set standards and adopt best practices across the organization by efficiently conducting and managing user research with Persona Modeler’s.

Tool: http://tandemseven.com/products/persona-modeler/

Video: http://portal.sliderocket.com/TandemSevenExperience/PersonaModeler

Product-PDF: http://www.tandemseven.com/uploads/file/TandemSeven_PersonaModeler_ProductBrief.pdf

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