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Hi BFers.

I know it's totally not old school, but I was thinking about relaxing the restrictions on which races can be which classes. The idea I'm trying out now is that any race can be any class, and any race can combo-class but you can only combo-class any two of the classes your race is normally allowed by the rules. A Halfling, for example, could combo-class any two of Cleric, Fighter and Thief, or she could be a Magic User, but not a combo-class that includes Magic-User.

One bit of Basic D&D I never liked was that elves were the only race with a super class that was basically a Fighter-MagicUser combo-class. I really like the way BFrpg does combo-classing, but I get the same dislike of only elves getting the option. The XP requirement to combo-class is enough to scare off most players, but I want to have the option there for someone who has a fun idea about a war-mage or a cleric of the god of thieves, or something else crazy.

Has anybody tried mixing it up like that? Are there any real game mechanic issues I'm forgetting that would be ruined by doing this?

Hi guys, I'm a (young) veteran of Basic D&D, but new to BFRPG. Loving it so far, glad there's FB and G+ support for it!
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