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Am i going crazy or is the moon on the wrong side of the sky? Usually rises over the mountains i thought...

Ahhhh good memories and humbling also, reminds me that i need to get out there again and do more for charity...

A long read but worth it, i promise!!

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I am from Europe and can confirm the truth of called "socialised medicine" is hardly new or even due to England my life was saved twice and no-one got into huge debt because of all it takes is one ambulance ride and a few nights in hospital (forget about operations) and you owe can this be helpful or fair? To have the poor afraid to get injured or sick because they'll be in debt forever? I am out of work now and, if i got hit while driving or became injured seriously i'd be ruined...
All these tweets about moving to Canada because of the Obamacare ruling are amusing and foolish, of course, since Canada has had socialized medicine for almost fifty years:

Anyway, that got me wondering where these poor uninformed folks could actually move to instead.  Canada is out, as I mentioned, as are most European countries (England, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Spain...), Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil... basically, most of the countries that Americans enjoy visiting all have full-blown socialized medicine programs that make Obamacare look tame by comparison.  A quick search led me to the Wikipedia entry for "universal health care", which has the handy map you see below.

The orange countries have universal healthcare, the grey countries do not, the yellow countries are going universal, and the few brown countries apparently have healthcare coverage funded by the US.

So for all the Obamacare refugees-to-be out there, I have some great news!  To escape the tyranny of Obamacare and satisfy your non-nationalized medicine cravings, you still have plenty of options all around the world.  Pretty much anywhere in Africa fits the bill.  You can also check out China and North Korea, which should hopefully put to rest any claims that universal health care is somehow linked to Communism.  It looks like Indonesia and the Philippines are also fair game if you prefer living by the beach in a warm, tropical climate.  There are also some places in South America that seem to be holding firm against the orange tide of universal health care, such as Colombia and Peru, and they're close enough to the States that you can still visit your friends every once in a while and offer them your sympathies for having to pay for their mandatory health coverage under Obamacare while you're living large in the Andes.

So there you have it.  With so many great choices available, it'd be a real shame to waste any more time when you could move right away and be nicely settled into your new, non-socialized-medicine country well before this November.  Bon voyage!  (No, France is not an option -- their medical care is one of the most socialized in the world.  Their government also makes you take like six weeks of vacation every year.  You'd hate it.)

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I have been guilty of this in the past too....

A big you to all my LDS brothers and sisters for their help in this very trying time! #lds

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My prayers go out to all the people affected by this!
An absolutely apocolyptic scene last night in Colorado Springs as the Waldo Canyon Fire Burns out of control.

Hmmmm this new look for G+ is kind of cool but not entirely sure whether i like it yet...

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