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I dreamed of two thousand years are like this video.
It's still very late to get us to the brave new world.
stolen from Dragon Ball except in Dragon Ball the vehicle was covered in smoke then magically transform in capsule form :D
I definitely would not want to get in a car like that in reverse. If something went wrong you'd be crushed. Crazy.
The cars is built by Capsule Corp. ;^)
New app that includes nanohardware !!~!
Блин я тоже хочу такую машину!!!
someday we will have this for sure ....!
En do
this is should solve the problem of womens park their cars.
B M Isa
well said!!!!!!!!!
& they can save there money by not having to pay in pay-parkings !
This would make finding a parking spot in Boston AWESOME!
Chris K
Well...its awesome!!!
She's arrived at her job at Spacely Sprockets.
awesome! I want one, and hence I do need to search for parking and for parking either... ; )
That would solve the parking problem downtown.
i hope this nano technology will change our life in future...
This is ridiculous! thinking of all that mass into a cell phone size, this is one thing that will never materialize.
Isn't it theoretically possible to reduce the volume as indicated? But the mass would remain approximately constant. So she'd have trouble catching it in her purse.
May I know this scene is from or of which generation..????????? whatever it is.....very cooool.....!!!!!!!!!!
looks like ironhide
a bit
R.I.P Ironhide
Just like Dragon Ball series!!!!!!!!!
how  I wish my apartment could transform like this also haha
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