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Introducing digital marketing solutions from Boston Globe Media.
Introducing digital marketing solutions from Boston Globe Media.

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Is Your Business Inspiring the Market Through Pinterest?
the holiday season in full spring, many users on Pinterest are looking to the
platform more than usual for new recipes and decorations. The site is used to share
ideas through “pins”; from recipes and DIY all the way to fashion and inspiring
quotes.  I...

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Will Your Business Be Profitable on Black Friday?
Close to 230 million shoppers made purchases over the Black Friday weekend in 2012 . That amasses to a shopping power of $59.1 billion. With 2013 Black Friday lurking just around the corner, what are you doing to to capitalize on this Thanksgiving retail ph...

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How To Cash In On Marketing Gold: Sports Edition
With the World Series having just come to a close here in
Boston (Go Sox!) sports fever is at a high in the city. While Boston is known
for having particularly spirited fans, it seems to be a trend worldwide that
game days are marketing gold – Superbowl any...

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LocalAxis Launches Free Local Coupon Store!
Happy Monday everyone! We are excited to announce that our new coupon store launched over the weekend. Our coupon store, which can be found through the Boston Finds page or running through any of the Your Town pages on offers high quality local c...

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Let's Go Red Sox: How To Capitalize On The World Series
Over Here at the LocalAxis office we have caught Red Sox fever! As the Sox progress in the 2013 World Series it seems like everyone around town is cheering for Boston and sporting their favorite Red Sox gear. While we are thrilled our team is doing so well ...

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Small Business Expo Recap
Our team had so much fun last week at the Small Business Expo in Boston. The Small Business Expo is the largest nation-wide B2B tradeshow, conference and networking event for small businesses. As a marketing agency that specializes in small to mid sized bus...

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A Window Into Your Business: Marketing With Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram is a social media platform based on sharing
photos in real-time.  It has been largely
accepted for personal use, but only 123 of all Fortune 500 companies have Instagram
accounts. This opens up a perfect opportunity fo...

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The Power Of A Webinar
image from Webinars are a newer, more convenient way of hosting a
seminar where people from all over can participate (given they have internet
connection). People can attend from the convenience of their own home, just by
logging in and watching. ...

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Social Media Changes Preventative Medicine: Here's How
Image from If you suffer from allergies like I do you can relate to the
misery of allergy season hitting before you are ready. Stuffed up and puffy, a
panicked call to the allergist is made begging for a new prescription of nose
spray or anti-histam...

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Facebook's Free Analytics Tool Is Too Easy Not To Take Advantage Of!
Image from While the number of Facebook “likes” your business has is
a good indication of how popular your brand is, it doesn’t always mean your
message is reaching these people effectively through this platform. The better
indication of how we...
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