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I really admire how the Republican Party platform still has "traditional marriage" as a cornerstone. That takes real cognitive dissonance to hold firm to that position, when the leader of the party has been married three times, and is unable deny paying off women to keep extramarital affairs quiet.

"If you go out and you want to buy groceries, you need a picture on a card, you need ID. You go out and you want to buy anything, you need ID and you need your picture."

Are all Republicans this stupid, or just the one they elected President?
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"President Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, secretly recorded Mr. Trump before the 2016 election discussing payments to a former Playboy model."

Hahahahhahahahahahahahahhahhahahha. #dumpsterfire
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I'm very happy to see all these white people getting fired and publicly shamed for calling the police on black people, in situations where they would never even think to call the police if it was a white person.

Being a racist idiot has consequences.
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+Bridget Klecker was hit and killed Friday night by a car that was fleeing the police. Bridget was the manager of the cafeteria at which I usually ate breakfast and lunch at work. During mealtime, she would stand back in a place where she could oversee the entire cafe operation, and if she saw something not working well, she would fix it immediately. She was incredibly good at what she did, and we recognized it and often complimented her for keeping the cafeteria running smoothly, and introducing new foods for us. A few months ago when my office moved locations, I stopped by and talked with Bridget to tell her I would not be eating at her cafe any longer, and how much I appreciated her work and introducing new foods for us. I've talked with some of my coworkers in the past few hours and we are horrified that she was killed, and in this way.

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Audi had a pretty good April Fool's joke for Japan.

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This. This is why police should be required to wear body cameras.  Because unlike some police officers, videos do not lie.

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The latest update for Overdrive's Android ebook reader app includes variable playback speed. Hooray! I had been using a janky workaround to transfer audiobooks from Overdrive (where they are free, through a public library) to PocketCasts, my preferred podcast app, which has variable speed playback. Now no need for janky workaround.

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This looks very useful. And cuddly.
Haven’t we all yearned for a friend who could answer any question, while always being there for a snuggle? Today, the wait is over — Google Panda is here →

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"[Indiana Governor Pence] said he found 'deeply offensive' the criticisms lodged against Indiana and its residents after the passage of the law last week. He blamed the national media and critics partly for those perceptions and any damage that may have done to the state's reputation."

Wow, what an ass. The guy sounded like a moron on last weekend's news shows, defended the law by pointing to similar laws passed 20 years ago (times have changed, Mike!), and now he blames others? No, Mike, it's not The Gay Agenda who is to blame. It's the bigots. Like it or not, society has moved on. Time to modern-up, Indiana.
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