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     Kyle Whittingham is none of the above.  There is no quarterback controversy because one of them doesn't throw the ball and there are serious doubts whether the other can with enough accuracy.
     No one has mentioned the head coach or offensive coordinator's  major overtime coaching error.  Don't lay the blame on Andy for missing two field goals.  On third down just before those attempts, the ball should have been run to the right to provide the best opportunity to hit a field goal. 
     The  low percentage pass to the right  near the goal line was just a very dumb play.  The team  with  the first OT possession is already at a big disadvantage and must score at least some points.  This game reminds me of the Utes' OT home loss to Oregon State last year.
     Arizona showed how to win by running plays designed to give their kicker a straight on shot to win the game. And he did.
     I shutter to think about the game this week with the high-powered Oregon office, which has had only had 6 turnovers all year.  The Utes will never win in a shootout with the Ducks.  The Ute coaching staff better improve the quality of their play selection and start by watching Oregon's only loss to Arizona in the deseret, err, dessert.  .             
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