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We have always been about acceptance, we have always been about diversity. We have stayed away from politics, because we're not here to keep giving you that elevated stress. We know that you have plenty of places in your life to give you that. We're here to provide a safe and beautiful space. The results of this election however can't be ignored. It reflects too much of what we represent. Marijuana enforcement has disproportionately affected people of color, homosexuals, and yes people in our community.
The rights to marry whomever you choose is too close to home; with so many of our customers, fans, friends, and family allied or aligned with the LGBTQ community.
The rights of women, so thoroughly under assault, the political reinforcement of the rape culture in America, reflects a society that scorns and belittles what we as a community are doing here.

Finally, we are small business owners. We know what we need to grow, what we need in order to expand our staff, and get more products, is for more of you to have jobs. We have seen directly in our day to day dealings with each of you the ramifications of the policies of the Bush administration. Finally, it seems we can begin to move forward.

So for that, for our elation, for you we placed the pledge on our page that we would offer a discount on clothing for the next two days should Marriage Equality pass. And we have found we are not the only local business doing that. Thank you for all supporting equal rights.

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Are you dreaming of a Black Christmas?

We are... so we're putting all our Leg Avenue Products on sale for 50% Off for the rest of the month!

And just so you don't miss your colors, Manic Panic Amplified Hair Products will be 30% Off for the rest of the month as well! That's $11.50 for Manic Panic Amplified!

The Lady of the Manor is in the house... for now. Come by and bid her well before the world calls her away again! 613 E Pike St (Pike & Boylston) #goth #seattle

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Our fearless leaders will be wandering the Mourning Market today and they have left me in charge. Drop in and see what mischief I have planned for their return!

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Having trouble pulling off Visual Kei? Check out our new blog post for some expert advice!

The new week has started and we are open now to serve those with darker moods and tastes. Visit the shop and take a look around at all the lovely little things. 613 E Pike St (Pike & Boylston)

For a sneak peak, take a look at the photos in our profile.

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December 5, 2011
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Greetings, Gothilings! Today ends our 15% off storewide sale- get the goodies whilst they last!

@BedlamBedlam..#Tarot readings until 8:30pm tonight with Falana!!
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