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Ryan Steward
Hello, there! This is Ryan Steward typing on a keyboard.
Hello, there! This is Ryan Steward typing on a keyboard.

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In honor of Veteran's day, and my passion for Google+ and social experiments, for every share this post gets between now and midnight tonight, I will donate $1 to the Wounded Warrior Project. Limit $10,000.

My thanks to the veterans who have sacrificed so much.

Began Greek homework at 6........ Got done at 12. Why did I think this class was a good idea?

blah blah blah blah status stuff blah blah.

I wanna get out of this life of comfort, to be honest. I really just would love to drop all of this schooling stuff and hit some foreign mission field right now! However, I am here at North Greenville because God wants me to be, so I will just have to walk it out here.

So I went to the beach over fall break, blinked, and then I was driving back. Oh, the problems we run into in First World countries.

I don't know why I keep doing this! Listening to Iron and Wine while I am driving tired is a very very bad idea!

At least you don't let my account get hacked, Google+. You treat me so much better than that other guy I know coughFacebookcough.

Really glad that +Matthew Jarrell finally has one more distraction to keep him from his studies. Keep it up Google +

It sounds like the Old Unit E in here. +Thomas Lee and +Ryan Nowland bring new life to this place.

Lunch+ new episode of the Office= The New Theory of Relativity????
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