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Native American Olympic Team
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The #UN is taking applications for #indigenous fellows for a 4-month #humanrights training program in #Geneva #Switzerland June through September.  Candidates must be #enrolled #tribalmembers #collegedegree a plus but not required.
Applications due March 11 - GET ON IT!
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Ha Ha... you know how it is - some people always have to get in the picture hehe. = )
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thats awesome! lol
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To all our global family worldwide we wish you a very #Happy New Year and declare that 2012 will be the best year of our lives. We declare God's #goodness, #mercy and #supernatural #favor upon you and that with faith in the goodness of #God combined with sound personal decisions and the greatest amounts of self-determination you will live a life of #victory. We declare a maturing relationship with #Jesus Christ, #health, #financial prosperity, #encouraging #relationships and #communications, new #opportunities, #breakthroughs, #bonuses, #promotions, #increase, #peace, #love and ever-increasing #joy in your life. We declare that as you honor God He will in turn #honor you and bless you with your hopes and #dreams. We declare that nothing can separate you from the love of God and His unfailing love as you fulfill your #destiny. We declare that God will #satisfy us with a long #Psalm 91 life and show unto us His complete and victorious #salvation and that our days in 2012 will be #Jeremiah 29:11 days - days for good and not for evil to give us a #FUTURE and a #HOPE. Get excited #brothers and #sisters... your Saturday night is upon you and the #BEST is yet to come. = )
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Welcome +Tim Vibbert to our tribal circle and global family. God bless you and Happy Hew Year to you friend. = )
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We wish our entire global family, a very blessed Christmas and declare that 2012 will be the best year of our lives. = )
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This incredible pic is courtesy of Tom Lowe (who reserves all rights). He took this photo while filming a Navajo boy doing a traditional Hopping Crow dance. We can't say enough about the splendor of the Creator's Heaven's and young native boy. = )
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Really Beautiful +Karen E. 
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Amen. = )
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Randa Marie LaRue                                              posted here on   2/24/2013 
I am a Yana / Yahi - Wintun Descent I was born on 2/17/2003
At the age of three years old, I decided and made my mind up, to give happiness. As I was very curious about happiness, I ask my Mom and Dad all about happiness, do to the fact, I wanted to be the Doctor of happiness. My Dad told me a story about happiness, which his Grandmother told him. My Great Grandmother was an American Native. And she was a survivor of  Yahi - Yana Band. Also known as part of the Wintun Nation From the northern part of California. My Dad and his Mom my Grandmother, Great Grandmother and my Great Great Grandmother, and all of my Elders (Relations), were born in and was a resident of or now known as Redding, Shasta County, California. U.S.A. For THOUSANDS OF YEARS, before Redding, Ca. Got its Name. My Dad told me through out history from our Great Elders happiness has been pass down. To finish this story I need to say sorry, for I am going to keep out all, the negatives, of what had happen a long time ago in the 1800 and 1900 hundreds and beyond to the natives (wintun), when the white man  come to the wintun lands. If by chance you’re interested, you can look up the bands (tribes) of yana and yahi natives from the wintun nation. Or you can ask my Dad. Now in history of my ancient elders (relations) was a very wise, healthy (morally and psychologically sound), successful, peaceful, fortunate, perfect, honest, prosperous and happy people, that was Supremely Blessed with the laws of the universe for Happiness, and the understanding of it, and how it works, its awesome. My Dad told me how he had happiness explained to him, and that is how he was going to explained happiness to me. That his Grandmother and his Elders told him. He said the Great Chief (Father) from Heaven, and the People (chiefs) who live there came down from Heaven in stones. When Heaven People came, they can come in one stone or much stones, all stones are evenly round not all in same size, the stones can go down, up, east, north, west, south or which ever way they wish to go. The stones can travel faster than lighting and sit still and go slow. The stones can shine like flint (obsidian) from Glass Mountain with the suns glare on it. The stones had round holes on the side, which the chiefs could see out east, north, west, south, and my ancient elders could see the chiefs in the stones. The Great Chief (Father) from Heaven, would talk and be heard from the bottom of stone. When Heaven People (chiefs) come, they can come out from the bottom of stone, the people look like us, in nature (human). When the stones come down from Heaven People teach and taught the Ancient Natives of my family Happiness. And taught that this world is of old and made new. And we all lived in this first world. And in the first world there were very large villages (cities). And all the people was taken away to the heavens, far in to the sky, than any one can see. And the world and the villages that was, has been destroyed. And the world was made new. And now we live back where we live before. To live in harmony and multiply. The Great Chief (Father) from Heaven, gave the land to the wintun that is now known as northern California. Ishi being a native of California and a wintun had this harmony, and Supremely Blessed with happiness. I Love my Parents, and very proud of my heritage. I use the laws of happiness every day, just like my Dad and Mom does. If you are wondering, yes, we are Supremely Blessed. The Great Chief (Father) from Heaven, gave to my ancestors and pass down to me, this sacred happiness. No one wants to be depressed, this stolen, lost and hidden happiness, this compressed happiness, this deliberately concealed happiness, this hidden agenda of happiness is being distorted day after day. HAPPINESS IS BEING DISTORTED, DAY AFTER DAY BY DARK FORCES. THIS ANCIENT HIDDEN WISDOM, OF GREAT KNOWLEDGE OF HEALTH, COURAGE, DETERMINATION, PEACE AND BENEFITS, FROM OUR HAPPINESS AND SO MUCH MORE, HAS BEEN HIDDEN FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS FROM THE PEOPLES OF THIS EARTH. THIS POWER OF GREAT HAPPINESS. YOU WILL BE AMAZED BEYOND MEASURES, FOR WHAT HAPPINESS CAN DO FOR YOU AND THE WORLD WE LIVE IN. THE ANCIENT WINTUN HAD ALL THIS TAUGHT TO THEM IN THE BEGINNING OF WORLD WE LIVE IN NOW…
ENERGY OF THE MIND, POSITIVE THINKING, POSITIVE ATTITUDE, POSITIVE MOTIVATION, POSITIVE DETERMINATION, POSITIVE COMMITMENT, POSITIVE GOAL SETTING, POSITIVE PRODUCTIVITY, POSITIVE PROGRESS, POSITIVE UPLIFTING, POSITIVE SELF DEVELOPMENT, POSITIVE PROFESSIONAL, POSITIVE CONTROL, HAPPINESS BEYOND MEASURES, AND MUCH MORE.                       Mental-Visualization Technique                                                                                Shining Like A Bright-Light.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Uplifting-Superstructure / Sharing.                                                                                                   Law of Love and Attraction.                                                                                                                                                                     
Law of One Team One Fight.
Law of Courage.                                                                                                                                                    Law of Kindness and Passion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Law of Preparedness and Focused.                                                                                                                                                                 To Draw The Line, and Law of Loyalty.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Truly Believing-N-Yourself.                                                                                                                                                              True-Classic / Role-Modeling.                                                                                           True Professional / Magic-Gift.                                                                                         
Law of Retention and Condition.                                                                                    Beyond-Measure / Work- Force.                                                                                                                                                                      
Attitude-Energies / Belief-Systems.                                                                             Positive-Thinking / Enrich.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Magnetic-Keys / Two.                                                                                           Image-Medicine / Happiness. 
 I ask my Dad what the Bible says about happiness, after he has told me all about the benefits, and how it works. My Dad said that he did not know about happiness in the Bible and I ask too many questions. My Dad, Mom and Me study the Bible, to see what is in it, about happiness, and other things from the Bible ensured me on all the stories my Dad told me is TRUE. This is our findings, ONE OF THE MOST GREATEST FACTS FOUND. After my Dad taught me the laws of the universe for happiness, we decided to examine the Bible. I know how curious I was to see what the Father of the Bible says about happiness, especially when it comes to questions concerning happiness from our Great Chief the Father in Heaven, and I decided to provide YOU with the understanding of happiness from the word of GOD in the Bible. Happiness from the Bible. For a full understanding, check it out. Topical index to the Bible, and the Concordance of the Bible. Happiness from Hebrew / Aramaic / and Greek Dictionaries in this work of…  Happier and Happy. Note! The word Happiness is not in the Bible, It is in the Bible Concordance and Dictionaries of Hebrew in Relationship to Happy. In the Bible Happier < > (makarios < > mak-ar-ee-os;) Appears only one time in the Bible…  Note: Greek! (1st Corinthians 7:40) With the understanding of Supremely Blest, Fortunate, Well Off, Call Blessed, Count Happy, To Beatify, Esteem, Good Fortune, and Beatification. Note: look up happier for more understanding. Happy < > Appears 28 times in the Bible. Happy < > 1. (ashar < > aw-shar) or 2. (asher < >aw-share) or 3. (esher < > eh-sher) this is three words for happy plus there’s many more words for happy. I encourage you to look-up, for even a greater understanding. Happy Appears 22 times in the Bible (Old Testament)   Note: Hebrew! 1st place happy appears for example is in (Gen. 30:13) With some of the understanding of happy as Blessed, Happiness, To Be Straight, To Be Level, Right, To Go Forward, Be Honest, Prosper, Go, Guide, Lead, Relieve, Right Of God, Right Toward God, Tranquil, Undisturbed, Serene, Clear, Calm, Secure Or Successful, Be Happy, Be In Safety,
 Happy < > Appears 6 times in the Bible (New Testament)   Note: Greek! Last place happy appears for example is in (1st Pet. 4:14) with the understanding of (makarios)
The Same Understanding as Happier (Look Above). 
Note! Also from the Bible you have many benefits do to Happier and Happy. One of the Great Benefits of Happiness (happy) that God ensures us is Prosper in Hebrew: 1. (Shalam < > shaw-lam) or 2. (shalom < > shaw-lome)   this is two words for prosper plus there’s many more words for prosper I encourage you to look-up, for even a greater understanding. This is some of the understanding of prosper a prim root: (To be safe in mind, body or estate. Make completed. Make amends. Finish, Full, Give again, Make good, Be at peace that is perfect, Perform, Make prosperous, Recompense, Render, Requite, Make restitution, Restore, Reward, Surely, To complete ) Safe, Well, Happy, Friendly, Welfare, Favor, Health, Prosperity, Peace, Do, Familiar, Fare, Friend, Great, Good, Perfect, At Peace, Able, Wholly. Also a prim root for prosper is: (tsaleach ,. Tsaw-lay-akh): To push forward. Two more prim roots are: 1. (sakal < > saw-kal) 2. (kasher < > kaw-share): Intelligent, Wisdom, Wise, Knowledge, Sense, Understanding, Success, Prosper in Greek: (euodoo < > yoo-do-o-o) to help on the road, Succeed, in reaching, to succeed in business affairs, Have a prosper journey. 
        “HAPPINESS IS A GREAT BENEFIT FROM GOD” Thanks to GOD, I have extraordinary wealth of information, from the Bible, and also past down from THE GREAT CHIEF THE CREATOR OF ALL, through the history of my ancient Relatives.  NOTE! that my Great Great Grandmother and her Elders also past down that all Natives, (Indians) of the lands, (U.S.A.) had been Blessed with Happiness Beyond Measures from the Great Chief  (GOD) and his People from HEAVEN, that came down from Heaven. Also My Ancient Relatives Past Down A Lot More Great Information, this is a subject for a different time. Note, This Great Blessing of Happiness, is from THE GREAT CHIEF THE CREATOR OF ALL, and should not be hidden, concealed, stolen or lost. I am all most ten years old now, and I’m truly interested in teaching happiness Beyond Measures. My Dad and Mom are helping me a lot, to bring all this great information out. We searched all over, and no one has to our knowledge this Supremely Blessed Happiness, and Laws of it, or the Rules to have it.
This power of happiness, you will be AMAZED beyond measures, for what it can do for you and the world we live in. I am the little girl that follows the golden rule to life and success; I see the need to share to the public, my secrets to happiness, fame, wealth, and power. My happiness comes from within; I’m grateful and looking forward to the future. Having the time of my life.                                                                  “LETS REBUILD HAPPINESS BEYOND OUR EXPECTATION”                                                                                                            Happiness is uplifting. Positive thinking is a mental energy that affects our attitude and thoughts. Attitude and thoughts can be a truly positive blessing. Start making the rest of your life, the best of your life. Positive energy of happiness is an effective action, it is unique and marvelous. Happiness guide’s us into a state of mind, even subconscious mind, in full control, over our mental abilities, and thoughts, any individual can tap into an eternal reservoir of power, that will enable them to overcome any negative that may arise. All weakness can be overcome. Prosperity, independence, bodily-healing, financial and understanding beyond your wildest dreams. Yes happiness moves you towards your purpose in life, your goals, with supreme ease, you have done accomplished purpose with happiness we all have, with supreme ease. In training you learn to gain and understand happiness, and the beauty of it.   
“My Big Secret” I Will Be Teaching Soon To The World We Live In. 
This true positive happiness is an Unlimited Abundance needed by all and a positive Goal to succeed beyond measures. We know happiness and understand the value is beyond are wildest dreams. We also know happiness and understand the importunacy. We also know happiness and understand the many reasons to bring in to the world. Intervention is needed. My day is happier when I give people happiness. Life is too short not to want and give happiness. Happiness is love from our hearts, minds and souls. If our hearts minds and souls are open to receive and take it, we can give it. Happiness is also enjoyable and fun and this positive happiness can consume you too with all the blessing beyond measures. Happiness is why you feel great and energetic, when you are around positive happy people; they have a magnetic positive quality to them, shining like a bright light. Positive pleasure a true satisfaction of happiness. This hidden wisdom of great benefits and rewards from our happiness and so much more. 
   Thanks to the Great Chief (Father) from Heaven (God), and the People from Heaven, My Ancestors, My Dad, Mom and Friends we know the benefits of happiness, and how it changes the world we live in. As a team, we bring... HAPPINESS BEYOND MEASURES.
Dr. of Haplology Randa Marie LaRue                
              Randal LaRue C/O Dr. Randa M. LaRue                                  

                   Printed on 1/1/12 in the United States of America in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. All rights reserved. Written permission must be secured from  R. LaRue to use or reproduce any part of this work or research, except for brief quotations in critical reviews or articles.   
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#God bless our global family on Google+.... please know God has meant for each and every one of you to live a life of #victory . = )
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Welcome +Santa Claran Hotel Casino & +bunty thakur to our tribal circle and global family. #God bless you and Happy Hew Year to you friends. = )
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Native American Olympic Team originally shared:
Watch in full screen view! = )
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Watch in full screen view! = )
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The Official Google+ Page of the Native American Olympic Team™

First professional Native American Olympic Team & international program established in 1997 in NDN Country! (Google+ page started November 11, 2011)



Native American * American Indian * NDN


Support Native America's sovereign right to field a National Team in international competition & enter the Olympics as a sovereign nation. Please share with all your friends! Thank you. = )

Company Overview:

The Native American Olympic Team was established in 1997 to serve the athletic and vocational needs of all North American Indians. 

Some of our current or past players include but is not limited to:

C Mike Davis - 7'
PF Spider Ledesma - 6'11
SF Joseph Prue - 6'6
SG Greg Jose - 6'4
SG Sonny Old Elk - 6'4
PG Rusty Gillette - 6'1
PG Alan Spoonhunter - 6'2
PG Wanbli Ledesma - 6'2 (late)

Our Leadership:

CEO & President Basketball Operations
Spider Ledesma

Senior Vice President Basketball Operations
Clinton Pilcher

Head Coach & GM

Social Media Marketing & Apparel Operations 

Mission Statement:

The goal of the Native American Olympic Team is to place sport at the service of the harmonious development of humanity, with a view to encouraging the establishment of a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity and the complete restoration of the great people and athletes of the Native American Nation. 

To provide an international basketball program and athletic forum to display the great talents and will of all North American Indian athletes. 

To provide an athletic vocational career choice heretofore previously denied and/or unavailable to North American Indian athletes.


Pride of the Greater Native American Nation & People


Official Native American Olympic Team 'Rez Authentics' Gear... available online on May 19, 2010. Click on this link to visit our official store here:


© Copyright 1997-2014 Native American Olympic Team. All Rights Reserved.

Legal Note: An unofficial fan page or unauthorized use of our team logo, photos, graphics, videos, apparel, social media content, etc anywhere is in violation of our worldwide copyright. All copyrights and trademarks will be protected through enforcement. Govern yourselves accordingly.
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