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Week 4- Accomplishments
We have officially completed our robot, and done final touches. This week Jaret did some more soldering, and everyone else in the group helped other groups that were falling behind. Yet another successful week for the SPHS Butterflies. We are ready to win t...

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Week 4- Goals
This week we are just watching all the other teams scramble to get their robots together while we sit back and relax. We feel that we will beat all the other VEX robots, and most of the Tetrix robots. Mike doing some final touches

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Week 3- Accomplishments
This week we completed finishing our robot completely and are ready for the tournament next week. Jaret is still soldering this week and is trying to fix a lot of the motors. We have been helping other groups that aren't finished, so hopefully everyone will...

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Week 3- Goals
 This week we are changing our gear ratio on our winch, we are making it a bit faster because we felt it was a bit too slow. After that we are done with our robot officially, and we will be ready for the tournament next Wednesday. Jaret is also working on f...

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Week 2- Accomplishments
This week we attached our winch to our robot. Everything got connected and put together, and it all worked out in the end. During the Tug 'O' War double elimination bracket we came in second place. Our plan worked, but it can be better.

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Week 2- Goals
This week is our challenge and we only have two days to complete our bot. Luckily all that needs to be done is attaching the wheels and our "Secret Weapon" to the robot and we will be ready to win.

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Week 1- Accomplishments
This week was pretty successful. We almost completed our robot, and got the blog up and running. The chassis of the robot is completed an d all that is left are the wheels and the "super secret surprise" :)

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Done with challenges!
We completed our final challenge this week and that is Tug 'O' War. We did very well and won almost every one of our runs, including Jaret's group! This has marked the end of the year as we prepare for finals. It was super fun while it lasted. Never have to...

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Final Post And Closing Remarks!
This year has been an absolute blast! We started out watching Mastercam videos with our favorite teacher Mike, and made it all the way to the end of the year with these complicated robots. It had it's ups and downs, but all in all this year was ten times be...

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Runs All Week
 This week we are doing Tug 'O' War all week. Everybody needs a minimum of 10 runs with their bot. On top of that Mr. Martin will be coming around asking us how we implemented our weight, torque, and traction. We are prepared. The Box Bot Mk.I in action. (w...
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