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Can't guess this market. Why did it sell off so smartly from the pre?
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You weren't counting on it, really?
I feel like this correction is ending... but still in progress.
I'm waiting for a final dip (either before or after the Greek elections). I feel like July will be the start of a new rally that could extend for a couple of months. Of course I might be completely wrong. Ihihi!! ;-)
I looked at my etf, and the daily had several indicators that were positive. Then, it was way up in the pre market and came down south of 70 on the rsi. I saw times this a.m. when it sold off rapidly. It's still hanging around the bottom: no bounce.

We need to trade the bear side of the etf pair.
Let the sales season begin!!!
I was waiting for it. I hope to see some nice bargains until the end of the month! :-)
Watch out for the falling aapl.

Another good day for Anthony, I imagine.
3xw? Is that an options x?

The selling activity on tna was strange - as if something sneaky was going on.
Oh, no, Anthony. I don't think tna moves the market, I just saw some weird selling.

So, 3xw - is that what you have been waiting for?
VIX at 27! I like seeing things pick up.

After I saw that activity take place, and we couldn't have even pulled a dollar out of it. It declined by an unusual amount today, the high at the start of the day, the low at the end.
Strangles! The trades you said were dangerous!

What would you think of two calls, one on tna, one on tza?
Yes, bullish. You don't buy the options, you put up money for the credit?
I remember you said you were going into iron condors after this last pullback. What happens if, rather than drifting into a mild upturn til fall, we have a deep correction?
Again, futures up... but I don't believe we'll stay on positive ground for much. Next week will probably be a messy one for the markets, so I'm abstaining from buying, still hoping for better deals. :-P
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