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3701 N Atlantic Ave Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 USA
3701 North Atlantic AvenueUSFloridaCocoa Beach32931
Motel, Hotel
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Profilbild von Dennis Gantert
Dennis Gantert
vor 3 Monaten
Sauber und ruhig. Preis/Leistung okay
Profilbild von Matt Rogers
Matt Rogers
vor einem Monat
COCKROACHES. METH HEADS. DIRTY SHEETS. But it gets worse. One of the managers, Blake, is the most useless excuse for a manager that I have ever seen in all of my life. He is completely incompetent and unable to assist customers in a fair way. If you'd like to get blacklisted from all Motel 6's, then stay here and let them know the maids didn't refill the toilet paper or towels. They'll surely kick you out for asking them to do what you already paid for. Blake is a loser, plain and simple. If he wasn't such an a*shole, I'd feel sorry for him.
• • •
Profilbild von James hand
James hand
vor einem Monat
This place is filled with a bunch of crooks. They charged my card but never even step foot in the door .. Disabled Army Veteran here. Wanted to visit with my wife and children after going to Disney World for a few days. My 1 year old son came down with a food allergy witch led up to go to the hospital and then straight home. 9 hour drive home missing out on the beach trip. The next day I wondered onto my bank account and noticed 111 dollars was taken out from this hotel that i have never even been in the same city as them. If you stay with them you will only be supporting there sorry ways of life.I called and explained my situation and got told by 2 people sorry you cannot have a refund. I think it is stupid to take someones hard earn money and not render any services to that person what so ever. Matter of fact to me that sounds a lot like theft. You be the judge.
• • •
Antwort vom Inhaber - vor einem Monat
Dear James, Thank you for taking the time to share your review. We strive to deliver a great guest experience, but it sounds as though we did not perform to our usual standards in this case. We apologize for any inconvenience or misunderstanding that may have occurred during your recent stay with regard to your reservations issues. Our staff aims to provide the highest level of hospitality to our guests through our customer service, but with your experience we have fallen short and would like to apologize for the service issues you experienced. Please know that the conditions you describe are atypical to Motel 6 standards for quality and we apologize for the inconveniences you describe. We encourage you to contact our Guest Relations Department at 1-855-787-9864 to record the details of your visit to help us provide a better guest experience in the future.
Profilbild von Jacquelyn Musseman
Jacquelyn Musseman
vor 2 Monaten
Everything was great. I expected it to be less because of the low price, but everything was clean and neat. The room was very large and sunny as well as the bathroom. The kitchenette did the trick for small meals and snacks during our 5-day stay. Pool was lovely, except very very cold. Could not go swimming. The outdoor pool should be heated. We stayed at a Holiday Inn in Melbourne for the end of our trip, and their pool was heated and able to be enjoyed by the guests. Only complaint was a small, cheap bar of soap was provided. Normally hotels/motels provide shampoo, conditioner and body lotion in small containers.
• • •
Profilbild von Warren Potter Hirem666
Warren Potter Hirem666
vor einem Monat
My wife & I stayed here on 3-28-16. The front desk clerk Josh was super friendly and helpful. We loved the room. It was comfy, clean, quiet & affordable. If we are ever in Coca Beach again...motel 6 is where we will be staying.
Profilbild von Jonny Cash
Jonny Cash
vor einer Woche
Close to the restaurant , Beach and nice room, rasonable room price, but no frigidare in standar room , you must be carry you own cool cooleer
Profilbild von Victoria Elam
Victoria Elam
vor einem Monat
We waited almost 2 hours to get our room. Once in our room we found it dirty, I called the front desk and was hung up on 4 times. Went to the front desk and was told the phone wasn't working. The clerk at the desk never made it apparent the phone wasn't working just disconnected the call every time I started to tell her about our room. So, I walked down to the front desk to tell the manager, there were still 6 people waiting to be checked into their rooms. I proceeded to tell the manager our room was dirty, she immediately cut me off and told me she'd send the housekeeper. When I finally got across to her how dirty the room was she tried to find another room for us, the remaining booked rooms were still not finished being cleaned. Our comforters were dirty and stained, the floors were not swept, the bathroom was a mess. toilet had not been cleaned, the tub looked like it hadn't been cleaned for several weeks and our sink had what looked like pubic hair in it. The head of housekeeping was sent up to clean our room. When she left the only thing that looked better were the new comforters and a half swept room. We called corporate to see what could be done since the front desk refused to offer a discounted room. Corporate told me they couldn't do anything unless the manager called and told them about the incident, I found this ridiculous, considering the manager couldn't even get her staff to clean the rooms on time. I watched and waited with another customer, she waited 3 hours to get her room only to find it a mess as well. The manager got short and smart with her when she asked cancel her reservation. I understand we booked our room during a peak time however, this should have been taken in to consideration by the staff. We should not have waited that long to get into a room only to find it disgusting. We would have taken our business else where had all the other hotels in the area not been booked. I WILL NOT give Motel 6 our business again, Had we been offered a discount or refund I may have considered it. But not after the way we were treated by corporate customer service.
• • •
Profilbild von Thomas Steiner
Thomas Steiner
vor einem Monat
The customer is always at fault at Motel 6. They do their best to find an excuse to not clean your room. For us, they didn't clean our room because it was a bit messy TWO NIGHTS BEFORE. We calmly told the manager our feelings, and requested our sheets be changed. This got us blacklisted and kicked out. You may save a bit of cash going to this garbage palace, but you will lose hours of your life dealing with the fools that work there. Do yourself a favor and spend a couple extra dollars elsewhere.
• • •


In Kreisen von anderen
5 Personen
Profilbild von Margaret Hall
Profilbild von Stella Walter
Profilbild von Chasity Flannery
Profilbild von Cristy Beaty
Profilbild von Daniel Foulker

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