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Social Media Marketing Plan
Social Media Marketing Plan for Antivirus Products By
Leonid Singha Internet Marketing Professional  Facebook Pointers for strategy: • Profile and Company
Page Creation • Cover Photo Design • Join relevant groups and advertise (not
spam) on their pages • Sh...
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Best SEO Strategies For 2015
SEO Strategies that will help you to
rank your website.  Competitor
analysis, top keyword analysis & link analysis   Meta
Tag creation & development   Robots.txt
& Sitemap creation and submission   Directory
submission, Article submission, PR submission   C...
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Why Hiring The Best Pay Per Click Management Company?
pay per click is also termed as cost per click service. This is known for being
a popular internet marketing module. This service helps a lot in driving high
traffic to websites when advertisements are placed along with search engine
optimization. When...
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Ways to Engage the Reader
Why readers are
not interested to read your content? And what do you do if your readers are not
actively participating? Headline is the most important thing to engage the
reader’s attention. Readers like long and attractive headlines. Your content
must serv...
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Tips To Write An Attractive Article
Writing an attractive
article is not an easy task. You need to spend some efforts and times. However,
article is an easy way to promote your product and services. Selecting a good
title is very important that gives a good indication of what the content of t...
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How to Create Ad Content?
content is a powerful way to sell a product. Remember, the ad should be as
creative as possible, in order to get the attention. Use powerful and
influencing words in ad content because usually people concentrate so much on
the content. There must be alwa...
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Google’s Hummingbird
27 th September 2013 which was Google’s official birthday, the Internet
giant announced a new search engine algorithm which is here to change the way
people search. After giving out Google Penguin and Google Panda, which were
similar updates to the searc...
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Top Blogging Tips
A Guide to  the Art of  Blogging Blogging can mean a lot to you or nothing at all. If it is
the former case, then you might, in fact, gain a lot from this activity.
Blogging is an art. It differs in meaning for different people and has a
different value for...
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SEO Content Writing Tips
People have created SEO content but most of them have failed
to deliver a perfect copy. But the main important thing is that  like all other skills you need to practice for
mastering of it. The profession of an SEO content writer is very in now a days. Here...
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Love is something we cherish dearly

Love is something,
we all cherish dearly.
When we lose it,
our hearts ache severely.
Trust is something,
we share with a few.
It requires honesty,
and a heart that is true.
Love without trust,
is foolishly blind.
It’s easy to lose,
and easy to find.
Trust without love,
is often quite fake.
It won’t give much,
but will happily take.
Love and trust,
go hand in hand.
When together,
this dance is quite grand.

Poem title: Love & Trust
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