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Thomas Joosten
Yeah, I exist. Expect trains, Nintendo, Minecraft and stupidity. And eggplants.
Yeah, I exist. Expect trains, Nintendo, Minecraft and stupidity. And eggplants.


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I'm sorry if this is at all cringe-worthy, but honestly I have to say exactly what I'm feeling.

Today I lost a good friend.
A friend who was there for me since childhood.
A friend I was always happy to see and who was always happy to see me.
A friend who was silent but sweet.
A friend you couldn't help but adore.
A friend you probably all immediately both associate with me and associate me with.
A friend I will always remember.

Karel van Balles Best
08/12/2005 - 28/11/2018
(moved in 05/02/2006)
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Some of these actually gave me a giggle.

It's 1 AM leave me be
There is nothing funnier to me than poorly redrawn trollfaces made around the time everyone was mocking people who made rage comics
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When will people learn that the well-received track from the DKC series is called Stickerbush Symphony -- even to the point where Google says 'Did you mean 'Stickerbrush Symphony'? Here's results for Stickerbrush Symphony.' as if that's the real spelling? It's not Stickerbrush Symphony. A bush, not a brush. What is a stickerbrush supposed to be?

Then again there's probably a typo I overlooked in this very post.
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Dutch YouTube seriously sucks

Aside from meme channels, the only Dutch YouTube content I unironically enjoy is one show by one YouTube channel... and I don't even like it for the people, I like it for the editing and concept. Which, by the way, are done by people from a TV network, so it's like a TV show on YouTube. The actual channel itself is not my thing, though sometimes they do put out something that's kinda worth my time. Sometimes. Very rarely.
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.. ..
.. ..
.. ._..
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Everyone seems to have some sort of weird story. For me that is most certainly the case too. Here's a story I just got reminded of that I feel I'd share:

I remember reading in local newspapers quite a few years ago that Sesame Street would be coming to my city to film something and that our version of Big Bird, a blue bird named Pino, would be the character that would star in the part of the episode that was filmed in our city. I remember how excited I was. I remember that the episode would come out months later, I think in September of that year. And I also remember that I was bummed out that I didn't get to see the episode. All of those memories I remember having conversations about with family members and they all seemed to be just as excited as me. When I remembered it like half a year or maybe a year or so ago, I tried to find online articles of Pino coming to our city on the website of the local newspaper I remember reading it in. That site has pretty much every article that has ever been in the newspaper in question, so I thought I'd find it. But no, there was no information about Sesame Street of any kind on there. No information of anything to do with our city and Sesame Street together anywhere on the internet. Even talking to my family members, including my sister with a similar age, results in nothing. They don't remember it at all. I, however, remember it very clearly. Not in a 'Listen to this dream I had' way, but in a 'Listen to what I read in the newspaper' way. It's so clear and nobody ever seems to remember it. So either I had a very realistic dream or I went through some portal or something.
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Alright, I'm trying to learn morse code because I have no life so let's see if I know it.

.– –. .. –– . / .. ... / ––. .– –.––
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Piranha Plant has more than Marth.
i had a breakdown over this image me and brynn literally spent all lunch analyzing this
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Happy Saint Maarten to all of the peeps in the south. Including myself. Good luck with the death you'll crave.
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Didn't even realize, but apparently Leeuwarden Achter de Hoven was closed in August. RIP this weird station.
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