After seeing a tweet from +Justin Briggs about how he was considering changing his job title from SEO to Inbound Marketer, I got to thinking about the rise of this buzz word on the block Inbound Marketing.

The term first appeared a couple of years ago after being coined by the guys at Hubspot and with so many in the SEO and Social Media industry considering changing their job title to Inbound Marketing I thought I’d have a quick check with the Google Keyword Tool to see how many people were searching for Inbound Marketing Experts/Consultants/Managers/Jobs/Agencies compared to how many people are searching for Social Media or SEO Experts/Consultants/Agencies.

The graph below shows the number of Global Exact Searches for the past 12 months for the above search terms.

I understand SEO has earned a bad reputation thanks to a few snake oil sales men but is inbound marketer the right job title for right now?
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