In the fight on pseudonyms on google+, honestly it looks like google has already lost. At this moment, I have been put in a circle by Charlie Sheen (pretty obviously not the real one), Sun Tzu (the chinese author who died a few centuries ago) and Adolf Hitler (mustache and all). And I just saw a news report that William Shatner (the real one) had his Google+ acct closed, evidently because Google presumed it was a fake account. It's since been re-opened.

So it's pretty clear the rule is being widely ignored, is being enforced haphazardly because the systems aren't in place for objective and thorough enforcement, and there's no real way to do validation of names (how do we definitively figure out "you are you", william, without a phone call or four?) anyway...

I do appreciate the idea to a degree, but again, I go back to saying the problem is abusive material and attitude, not the name. The name is just something we hook a reputation on, and trying to turn it into more than that's going to fail.
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