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Michael Kingswood
I'm a writer and a Naval Officer.
I'm a writer and a Naval Officer.

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The nice folks at The Good, The Bad, & The Bizarre posted a review of my novel, The Pericles Conspiracy.

Looks as though they liked the book.  Clearly these are people of impeccable taste.  


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Just not fair. Now I am gonna be stuck in the 80's all day/night.
Guess all get to come with! EARWORM!!!!
Amadeus is next....

via: +George Takei on fb

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The Palestinians, among others, must have missed that Muslim proscription against suicide.

Or maybe it's ok if you're killing someone else too?


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This game looks like it's going to be awesome.  I backed it this afternoon.  There's less than a day left on their campaign.  Hint, Hint.

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I love this image.  :)

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John C. Wright is, as always, painfully eloquent.

I've not yet seen The Hobbit 2.  With myriad kids at home, going to the theater is at best impractical.  So I await my viewing when it is available for rent on iTunes or elsewhere.

But in the meantime, his lambasting of the movie is ridiculously amusing, to say the least.

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