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The Official Google+ Page for Jewish News One. JN1 reports world news and focuses on Jewish issues, Israeli news, and the Middle East. Watch our channel on Satellite TV, YouTube, and JN1.TV.
The Official Google+ Page for Jewish News One. JN1 reports world news and focuses on Jewish issues, Israeli news, and the Middle East. Watch our channel on Satellite TV, YouTube, and JN1.TV.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a stark and uncompromising assessment of Middle East politics in his address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Netanyahu said that today's world is witness to a "great battle between the modern and the medieval," widely interpreted as meaning a battle between modernity and the forces of radical Islam; manifested by the threat of Iran to Israel and the world, through its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
"You see at stake is not merely the future of my country. At stake is the future of the world and nothing could imperil our common future more than the arming of Iran with a nuclear weapon. 
To understand what the world would be like with a nuclear-armed Iran, just image the world with a nuclear-armed al-Qaeda"

To illustrate his point Mr Netanyahu theatrically brandished a diagram of an old-fashioned 
bomb, marking with a red line the point at which the international community should take decisive action against Iran.

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
"In the case of Iran's nuclear plans to build a bomb, this bomb has to be filled with enough enriched uranium and Iran has to go through three stages. The first stage, they have to enrich enough low enriched uranium. The second stage, they have to enrich enough medium enriched uranium. And the third stage and final stage, they have to enrich enough high enriched uranium for the first bomb. Where is Iran? Iran's completed the first stage. It took them many years, but they completed it and they are 70 percent of the way there. Now, they are well into the second stage and by next spring, at most by next summer, at current enrichment rates, they will have finished the medium enrichment and move on to the final stage. From there, it's only a few months, possibly a few weeks, before they get enough enriched uranium for the first bomb"

The bold and graphic presentation induced derision on the internet, inspiring a series of spoof cartoons including one where Netanyahu is shown blackened by the 'bomb' that has blown up in his face.  And critics have lampooned the Israeli PM for behaving like a school teacher talking to a group of naïve students instead of a room of world leaders.

However, speaking outside the UN building following the speech , Israel's foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman defended his Prime Minister, telling reporters that the bomb ploy was aimed at the general public, not world leaders.

Despite dividing opinion, the speech succeeded in thrusting the Iranian nuclear conundrum back into the media spotlight, hammering home a clear and simple message intended to resonate with voters in the US and other western democracies, that the time for prevarication is over.

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Thousands of people gathered on Monday night in front of the Western Wall to pray before the holiest site in Jerusalem. With Rabbis leading prayers of penitence, called Selichot, thousands gathered before Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, which begins on Tuesday 26 September.

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Marine Le Pen, the leader of the extreme right party the National Front, wants to forbid people to wear kippas and veils on the streets and in public transportation. She made her remarks in an interview with the daily newspaper Le Monde.

Marine Le Pen thinks that France is the victim of fundamentalists and that all religious symbols should be banned from the public space.

During the presidential campaign earlier this year, Marine Le Pen did well in the polls, but she did not succeed in getting through to the second round nor to get into the parliament. 

According to Joël Rochard, a French member of the European Jewish Parliament, Marine Le Pen is now just looking for media attention after a quiet summer.

In a reaction, Manuel Valls, the French Minister of the Interior condemned Marine Le Pen's ideas. The Minister wore a kippa himself during a Shana Tova ceremony in Paris.

So if you wear a small hat?

Marine Le Pen already changed her remarks by saying the kippa as such is not the problem for French society, but she asked the Jewish community nevertheless to take kippas off in public, something she sees as a small sacrifice.

Stefan de Vries, JN1, Paris.

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Israel's Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor walked out of the UN General Assembly hall as Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad began his speech on the rule of law. Ahmadinejad used the speech to criticise the UN Security Council saying it lacked legitimacy and also referred to Israel as a 'fake regime'.  

Israeli Ambassador Prosor said the Iranian president should not have been allowed to speak at the UN session.

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor: "As you saw, the Israeli delegation, not only the Israeli delegation, left the hall when Ahmadinejad spoke in this amazing UN debate on the rule of law. This is an insult and an injury to intelligence and an audacity for someone who is a serial Holocaust denier and who denies his own people basic rights, who tortures, who denies every basic rule of law in his own country to stand in this family of nations to talk about the rule of law. This would be like having an arsonist run the fire extinguishing department of New York. It's an audacity and an outrage that such a person is allowed to speak in the family of nations."

Ahead of speaking at the debate Ahmadinejad told an audience of reporters that Israel has 'no roots in the Middle East' and said that Iran does not take Israeli threats of attack seriously but is all the same fully ready to defend itself.

Ahmadinejad will make his main address to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday which, falling on Yom Kippur, means no Israeli delegation will be present. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will speak the following day, when it is expected that he will focus on Iran's nuclear program.

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During military operations, when humvees, tanks, or armored vehicles are in service, it is often assumed that the ones driving them are men. But in Israel, the IDF trains women to do the job as well. Not only do these women ride humvees, they train to steer these enormous military vehicles in the battlefield. The girls train for weeks and receive a special driving license by the army. They learn to drive under difficult conditions, in the sand, on the rocks, in open space and in urban settings. They then commit to returning to their positions on reserve duty as well. And as for the difference between male and female drivers.

Sivan Raviv, JN1, Israel.

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The high holiday of Yom Kippur marks the holiest day of the Jewish year. This is a day of atonement meant to inspire self-reflection and regret. Looking back at the year that's gone by and as we enter this tremendously significant Jewish holiday, we asked people out on the streets of Tel Aviv, what they might be feeling regretful about. In addition to feeling regretful for all sorts of events that took place in our lives on a personal level, some people feel sorry for certain things that were or were not done - on a national level. For 25 hours on this Yom Kippur holiday,  Jews are meant to fast, introspect, and apologize to God for having wronged others, and for not having lived up to their own potential. At the day's end, the Shofar's horn will be blown, concluding their prayers, and paving way to a brand new year.

Sivan Raviv, JN1, Israel.

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Ever since the fall of Egypt's last president, Hosni Mubarak, Islamist terrorist groups of all stripes have been flocking to the lawless Sinai desert where security is no longer tight.  That's created a new national security risk for Israel along its 225 kilometer border with Sinai. A security fence is rapidly being constructed, but terrorists have still managed to carry out 2 major attacks on Israeli targets this year and now they've succeeded in carrying out a third.  A group of Israeli soldiers were ambushed as they brought water to African migrants who had been stopped from illegally crossing into Israel.

20 year old Netanel Yahalomi lost his life.  The terrorists attacked his unit from a spot along the Sinai border where Israel's security fence remains unfinished ...the last stretch of the steel wire fence -- about 20 kilometers worth -- is supposed to be finished by December. Expressing his condolences to the Yahalomi family, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said the attack highlights how crucial it is to rapidly finishing the security fence. Israeli army officials say the quick response of its soldiers in the area thwarted what could have been a deadly large-scale attack... It was a female soldier -- a sniper -- who prevented that from happening.  She shot down one of the terrorists, setting off the explosives he wore which helped stop his accomplices as well.

Ansar Jerusalem - an Al-Qaeda inspired terrorist group in the Sinai - has claimed responsibility online for the cross border attack.  Linking the ambush to the Anti-Islam film "Innocence of Muslims," the terrorist group called the incident a disciplinary attack against those who insulted the beloved prophet Muhammad. There is no evidence that Jews or Israelis were involved in the American-made film.  U.S. officials have identified the filmmaker as an American citizen originally from Egypt who is a Coptic Christian. The Ansar Jerusalem terrorist group is rapidly building a name for itself -- it also took responsibility for the cross border shooting spree in august of 2011 that left 8 Israelis dead near the coastal city of Eilat.

With what appears to be a growing trend of terrorist attacks from the Sinai, Israel is going to have to make some difficult decisions about how to defend itself.  One option may be to allow Egypt to permanently keep more troops and tanks in the area.  Egyptian President Morsi is reportedly interested in this option and will propose changes to the military appendix in the 1979 peace treaty. But while this may ensure more security for Israel, it also has some drawbacks.  Israeli officials are not sure if they can trust the new x-Muslim Brotherhood leader of Egypt and it may be too risky to allow him to put troops and tanks so close to Israel's border.

Jordana Miller, JN1, Jerusalem.

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Rosh Hashanah holiday begins on sundown on 16 Sept. Holiday marks the age of the world at 5773. Rosh Hashanah promises everyone a second chance. Symbolic foods such as applies and honey central to holiday. Rosh Hashanah is also called "the day of horn sounding." Shofar is a curving ram's horn mentioned in Jewish Bible.

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A new treasure has been discovered at the Davidson Archeological Park in Jerusalem's Old City... At the foot of Robinson's Arch, on the southwestern wall that surrounded the ancient Second Temple , steel bars guard the entrance to an even older find... Archeologist Eli Shukrun -- the site director from the Israeli Antiquities Authority -- took us deep underground to see what his team stumbled upon while digging for other things. 15 meters down, we walked through what archeologists believe is an ancient Herodian tunnel...

Shukrun stops at hole and begins to climb down a leads to this enormous ancient water can hold more than 66,000 gallons of water...or 250 cubic meters... The reservoir's plaster and the design indicate it's 3,000 years old... Archeologists believe this reservoir was a public one, used during what the bible describes as King Solomon's Temple.  It was built in 986 BCE and destroyed in 586 BCE by the Babylonians.  Finding artifacts from that time period is extremely rare after more than 2,500 years of new construction. Archeologists used to believe that during the First Temple period, about 1000 before the common era, the inhabitants of Jerusalem would go further south to the Gihon  spring for their main source of water.  But now the discovery of this water reservoir, so close to where the Old Temple stood, has changed that picture...

Pilgrims, local residents, Temple workers -- any and all of them could have used what this public reservoir.  It's more proof, Shukrun says, that the area around the presumed location of the First Temple was buzzing with activity and thus demanded a large public water source... Visitors  were clearly moved by what the ancient ruin... The new find is a victory for archeologists who believe the Bible's account of ancient times contains some historical truth. It's another set back for those who deny the existence of Jerusalem's First Temple and call the Israelite Kingdoms a myth. The design of this reservoir may have been established in Jerusalem and the used in other areas -- similar ones have been found in Bet Shemesh, Beer Sheva and Arad. Shukrun is convinced there are more first temple public reservoirs in the area -- he hopes he'll be lucky enough a second time to find another one...

Jordana Miller, JN1, Jerusalem.

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America's favourite awkward neurobiologist girlfriend, Mayim Bialik, has had a busy year outgrowing the tempestuous teen persona of Blossom to become the star of hit TV series The Big Bang Theory in her role as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, for which she has been nominated for an Emmy.

But Bialik has somehow found time in her busy schedule to take part in webisodes for Jew in the City, a nonprofit founded by well-known Jewish activist, and Bialik's religious study partner, Allison Josephs.

American actress Mayim Bialik

"I get a lot of requests to do a lot of things but it was more that Allison's (Josephs) someone I know, love and believe in both for what she stands for and what she represents. 

Jew in the City aims is to educate the wider public about Orthodox Judaism in an effort to eliminate negative stereotyping.  Bialik has appeared alongside Josephs in a number of videos with titles such as : Are Orthodox Jews Sexist? and Science vs. Religion.

American Actress Mayim Bialik

" I think she has a really interesting voice, I think she has an interesting perspective. She's not afraid to kind of be out there with the heavier, more philosophical religious components. She's extremely intelligent and I think she's not what a lot of people think a religious woman is and I think it's important and really courageous that she takes time from being also like a wonderful Jewish wife and mother to put this out there for the larger community."

Although the actress says she was not raised in a religious household, she has spoken openly about rediscovering her faith, and often refers to herself as an "aspiring Orthodox Jew".
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