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There are even more than those two ways - knitting developed along a lot of different lines in different geographic regions, so I definitely recommend exploring!
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We hired Rachel to look after our cats last Christmas, including an older cat who had a chronic but well-managed medical condition. We gave Rachel detailed instructions on what to do, and we made sure she had both our cell phone numbers in case anything happened. What we came home to the day after Christmas was a total disaster: There was vomit and diarrhea everywhere - even on the walls - and our oldest cat had obviously taken a turn for the worse. We rushed him to the vet, where our options were to hospitalize him (and maybe extend his life by a week or so) or euthanize him. So two days after Christmas, we had to say goodbye to our beloved little companion, with virtually no warning at all. If Rachel had noticed that he had gone off his food (which she should have if she was really here for 30 minutes every visit, like she said she would be), or if she had bothered to react to the piles of vomit and diarrhea, there might have been a chance to get the cat to the vet and do something for him. At the very least, she could have called us and warned us that he was declining. But she didn't notice anything was wrong. She didn't call. And she defended those choices when we confronted her, saying everything seemed normal to her. I want to be clear: I don't blame Rachel for the cat's death. It's entirely possible that it would have been his time no matter what the circumstances. But I want to warn other pet owners that this is a woman who thinks having diarrhea on the walls is normal cat behavior. I strongly recommend hiring someone else.
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