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Nicole Pelusio on canoe (credits: Nicole Pelusio). I am really grateful to have a chance like this one for joining an international   research team  working on  Black Soldier Fly production  in relation to  incorporation into commercial aqua-feeds, and test...

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Day 45- Last final Sampling, Betting and Flight.
Emilie and Jemimah counting batches of 30 subjects (credits: Pierre-Olivier Maquart). Today our fish were sampled for the last day. After 24 hours of fasting, in the morning at 8 am a large wooden platform was pulled close and adjacent to the trial cages. S...

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Day 43 and 44- Last feeding day, luggage preparation, fasting day pre-sampling.
Pierre and Emilie going to the cages (credits: Francis Murray). This was the last day of feeding for our
tilapias juveniles. Emilie and Pierre went on cages while I ordered
for the last time the data files and prepared my luggages. Then in the afternoon

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Day 42- Last spectro analyses and Market in Juapong for African souvenirs.
Mathilda fabrics seller in her shop in Juapong market (credits: Nicole Pelusio). African fabrics (credits Nicole Pelusio). Emilie was looking after the cages within
feeder Eric whilst I helped by Pierre analyzing last water samples with spectrophotometer. T...

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Day 41- Emilie, Pierre and the wind.
On boat coming to shore (credits: Nicole Pelusio). In the afternoon Emilie and the other
University of Stirling phD student Pierre arrived to join me on the cages. Finally they arrived and helped me and Eric to
finish feeding and water monitoring since a st...

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Day 40- Fingerling transportation.
Fingerling transportation on boat. Supervisor Jemimah within the crew (credits: Nicole Pelusio). What a great chance I had today: the supervisor
Jemimah and the nursery crew had to transport some new fingerlings inside some
cages very close to my experiment...

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Day 39- Fry ponds and big hard sun.
Fry ponds (credits: Nicole Pelusio). My supervisors were very kind to switch me for
some hours, and as well the general manager to taking me to some nursery ponds. In the shade for a while(credits: Nicole Pelusio). The site was the much harsh, since there w...

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Day 38- A long working day.
Feeding session on cages with Felix (credits: Nicole Pelusio). Today I finished the commissions concerning the
trial. Meanwhile the daily routine tasks and water quality parameters such as
Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates, Alkalinity, Potassium and etcetera went...

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Day 37- Where everything begins.
Tilapia egg at stage 0 (credits: Nicole Pelusio). Again in the hatchery site, I had a very big
luck for having free time, a borrowed microscope and some fries and eggs for
observing them. After spawning, the fertilized eggs had the
maturation of embryo (eye...

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Day 36- The brood stocks maintenance and the night.
Brood-stock harvest for sexing (credits: Nicole Pelusio). Because of some commissions to do about the
growth trial, I was sent to the hatchery of fish farm. When I had some free
time, the manager guided me to a visit of the buildings and passages of eggs
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