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Just came across this little gem while looking for new songs to play on my uke. Happy (almost) new year, everyone! Enjoy.

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Yay #Ingress  臺北!! Wish I could've been there. Looks awesome.

Kudos to the amazing +Carlie Chiu for running a phenomenal event!

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Incredibly proud and excited to be a part of this new experience!

#endgameiscoming   #ingress   #comiccon2014  

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Better than real life, even! ;o)

a walk is never just a walk anymore...

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Join the Enlightened, iPlayers! It's time to move.

Over the last year and a half we've seen many inspiring stories of friendship, exploration and adventure from the Ingress community including epic feats like flying into an Alaskan storm on a bush plane, scaling mountains, and coordinating operations across international borders, demonstrating solidarity and friendship, all through something that’s become more than ‘just a game’ for many of us.  At Niantic Labs, we’re constantly amazed by these acts that demonstrate the power of community. 

Today, we’re welcoming a new group of Agents into the community with the launch of Ingress for the iPhone & iPad:  Ingress is now a true cross-platform mobile experience, with Agents across the world playing together in the same shared, global game.

For everyone who has been playing Ingress on Android, we hope this finally gives you a reason to reconnect with your iPhone friends :-)  Don’t forget to send them a link to Ingress Obsessed 3 - Epic Operation Megalodon!

This is a huge step forward for the Ingress community.  We can't wait to see what kinds of new adventures and friendships you create.  Don’t forget to share!

- +John Hanke 

Ingress - It's time to Recruit 


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Added photos to Cross-Faction Meetup at McCabe's Irish Pub, Kitchener.

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Came across this video and loved it! Thought I'd share. I will be looking for more from the same artist.

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sssshhhhh..... it's a secret ;)

Great article on what it's like to play Ingress. What's even more awesome is the players who took the time to leave comments there and share their experiences!!
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