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Last week a report by Osteoporosis Australia was released and it highlighted that two thirds of Australians aged over 50 suffer from brittle bone disease. The true cost of this is $3 billion a year.
And even more alarming is the fact that somebody breaks a bone every three minutes due to low bone density. This caused a total of 3,600 deaths in Australia last year.
But what in the world has this got to do with kids and cubby houses?
Well according to Osteoporosis Australia, the fight against Osteoporosis starts with kids and encouraging them to exercise, eat calcium and get healthy doses of Vitamin D from the sun will reduce the incidence of this disease.
Osteoporosis Australia medical director Professor Peter Ebeling says that the guidelines they are producing will target all age groups, but are particularly important for children.
"Many children are calcium deficient because they are tending to focus on carbonated drinks and not drinking enough milk," he said. He also mentioned that fact that children are doing far less exercise than they used to, which is a major problem.
"Childhood is a crucial time, that's when the bone bank is laid down ... so we need to do something about it."

So how can a cubby house help fight off Osteoporosis in later life?
As we mentioned earlier the important thing regarding the prevention of Osteoporosis is more exercise as well as spending more time outdoors, and soaking up some Vitamin D.
Having a cubby house in your backyard is a magnet for kids to play outside and exercise without you even asking. They turn your backyard into an outdoor playground to beat all others.
The most critical form of exercise for preventing Osteoporosis is to do bone strengthening exercises and kid’s cubbies are perfect for this.
Bone strengthening exercises are specifically relating to weight bearing which places stress on your bones and in turn builds bone mass. Your kids will need to do bone strengthening exercises about three times a week.
Here are some ideas for bone strengthening exercises with a cubby house:
• Swing across the monkey bars and then jump down at the end
• Climb up the fireman’s pole and then jump down
• Place a basketball hoop on one of your cubby house’s walls and they can play basketball
• Run around the cubby house playing catch or tag
• Star jumps on their cubby house veranda
• Draw a hop-scotch ‘course’ on your cubby house veranda for hopping fun
• Get them to jump from a platform, make sure it’s safe and age appropriate
• Run up and down the steps
• Get a game of tug-of-war going in the backyard
• Put on some music and get them dancing in the cubby house

If you’re looking for a cubby house Perth, then please get in touch, we’ve got a huge range of cubby houses that are great for bone strengthening exercises, here are just a few examples below.

Explorer Pack Cubby House

Country Cottage Cubby House

Panda Pack Kids Cubby House

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There is no doubt about the fact that kids love cubby houses! If you’re going to make this amazing investment for your family, then we’ve created a guide on how to choose the perfect cubby house for you.
Here are some things to consider and take into account.

Your children’s ages

If you have young toddlers, then it would be best to choose an on-ground cubby house for safety reasons. If you have older kids then you can choose an elevated cubby house. Also for additional safety, all our cubby houses come in smooth wood to avoid those nasty splinters and cuts and grazes.

Toddler cubby house suggestions

Snow Gum Cubby House

Rainbow Lodge Cubby House

Cubby houses for older kids

Alpine Lodge Cubby House

Kimba Castle Cubby House

The size of your backyard

This is also obviously an important factor to consider as you need to make sure you have enough space.

Cubby houses for a smaller backyard

Kingfisher Cubby House

Jumbuck Cubby House

Cubby Houses for a larger backyard

Chipmonk Kindy Gym

Sandalwood Lodge Cubby House

Special Needs Kids

If you have a child who has special needs, we’ve designed a cubby house perfect for wheelchairs. At Cubbykraft we know that outdoor play and fresh air is important for all kids which is why we’ve created this special cubby house.

Cubby house for special needs kids

Wheely Monster

So whatever your needs, we’ve got the perfect cubby houses for you. Browse our website to choose the perfect cubby house for your family.

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New research unveiled this week showed that we actually have a kid’s fitness crisis in Australia.

It is very clear that as parents we want more for our kids; we want them to be richer, happier and healthier than we were.

Even though we want that we are actually failing our kids. The new study showed that our kids can’t run as fast or as far as what we could when we were younger! And an even more frightening statistic is that our kids today have less healthy hearts. This has been a continuing trend for the last 30 years; each decade this measure has dropped by 5%. I don’t ever remember hearing about unhealthy hearts in children until recently. I was quite alarmed at this statistic, and I’m sure you are too.

We’ve always read about obesity being a problem in the U.S. where only 1/3 of children get the recommended 60 minutes of exercise a day. I don’t think we’ve ever really thought of it hitting our shores. Well, it has and we need to do something about it. The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of children around the world don’t get enough exercise. I am gob smacked by this.

I can remember as a child running around outside all day long, going to play at neighbours houses, going down to the local stream and living a free life filled with exercise and fun. So, why is life so different now and what’s causing this massive fitness crisis for kids?

Well there are a number of things; our kids are glued to screens with bums planted firmly on sofas, our neighbourhoods are less safe so kids can’t run around like they used to and there also aren’t safe outdoor play areas. Another contributing factor is the fact that schools are cutting gym classes. It’s also safe to say that this health issue is more prevalent in our major city centres in Australia like Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane to name a few.

It is fairly obvious that from this lack of activity as our kids get older they will more than likely have heart problems and other illnesses that are associated with a lack of activity.

So how can we remedy this? Quite simply we need to get our kids active for at least 1 hour a day. You can spread this over the day, but we just need to get this worked into our schedules. If we truly want our kids to live better, healthier lives then we need to join in and lead by example.

The problem often comes in the fact that we’re tired, and nagging to get the kids outdoors wears us down. In all honesty, this is where a kid’s cubbie house can really get your kids motivated to get outdoors and active. Kids just love these ‘toys’ which turn your backyard into an outdoor playground. They won’t need to be nagged to get outside; they will go of their own accord. Many of our cubby houses have slides, swings, climbing walls, climbing nets, steps and fireman’s poles to really spark their interest in getting that hour of exercise in.

A cubby house will be one of the best investments that you will ever make for your kids health. You can also choose the cubby house that will best fit your backyard.

If you’re looking for a cubby house Perth or a cubby house Brisbane then please get in touch with us! We’ve got the widest range of wooden cubby houses that are easy to put up with cubby house plans and easy instructions. You will not regret a purchase like this for one minute!

Here are some of our cubby houses that will get your kids charging outside, no more nagging guaranteed.

Kimba Castle Cubby House

Sandalwood Cubby House

Panda Pack Cubby House

Timberwolf Cubby House

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A cubby house is the perfect place to create a Christmas Wonderland. Here are some ideas to make Christmas super special in your cubby house and watch as your kids delight in the special treat.

We all know that a cubby house is a child’s favourite outdoor toy, but now you can make it even more appealing with Christmas around the corner.

Just as you decorate your house for Christmas so you can decorate your cubby house.

Get a small Christmas tree for the cubby house and have a decorating day – make it a family occasion! Let your kids make all the Christmas decisions for the tree and see how creative they become. You can make your own Christmas decorations for the tree, fill it with tinsel and put your special fairy on the top.
Put a Christmas wreath on the door for some extra fun.
Decorate the cubby house with Christmas goodies – if you’ve got a little bit of extra cash, take your child shopping for some cubby house Christmas goodies. Give them some money and let them choose what they want. If you’re having Christmas on a budget, get creative and make some Christmas goodies. You could make paper snowflakes or angels for the walls, make an advent calendar for the cubby house or make a paper chain garland. You could even make a pretend fireplace out of cardboard so Santa can enter. Let their imaginations run free.
Hold a Christmas party in the cubby house – this can be extra special and your kids will absolutely love it! Make some party invitations and decide on who the guests will be. Let them decide who to invite, within reason and send your invitations out. Bring in some tables and chairs and decorate the tables with some Christmas themed accessories. Bake some Christmas goodies together like cookies or a Christmas cake. Make some Christmas themed food as well like ham sandwiches cut out in the shape of snowmen or presents. On the day put little treats on the table for the kids; perhaps some small gifts, crackers or Christmas hats. Organise some fun activities for the party like a treasure hunt, pass the Christmas parcel, egg and spoon races, and musical chairs or pin the hat on Father Christmas.
Christmas Eve fun – on Christmas Eve put the cookies, milk and carrots out to make sure that Santa remembers to visit the cubby house as well. Get some cushions and all sit in the cubby house with hot chocolate before bed and tell Christmas stories. Remember to put some presents in the cubby house before you head off to bed and to munch on the cookies and carrots and have a drink of the milk.
Christmas Day – well you don’t need to really do anything as the kids charge into the backyard to see what surprises Santa and his reindeer have left.

Here are some great cubby houses for a very special kids Christmas.

Kelly’s Hideout Cubby House

Rainbow Lodge Deluxe Cubby House

Bushman Cubby House

Country Cottage

Kookaburra Loft Cubby House

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If you cant write 'i love you' in the dust, its a house and not a home.....

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Queenslander Cubby

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Blue Cockatoo....

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Panda Pack Cubby
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