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Pz8 Hi all Had another
great game of Pz8 a few days back The US army
attacked a German position The US had
3 Armored Divisions + 1 armored division in reserve while the Germans had 3
depleted Pz Grenadier divisions The game
was actually very interesting (I ...

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HOTT Hi all. Finally
completed all 3 of my HOTT armies (Zombie Chinese, Skeletons, and Amazons) And had my first game with the above armies (Amazon vs Zombie) The
two generals placed their respected armies and we started The
centers on both sides moved forw...

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DBA 2.2+
DBA 2.2+ Hi all yesterday
my friend Takis came over and we played 4 games of DBA In the
first game we put Byzantines vs Egyptians. The two armies were very similar both
had lots of Cv and Bw(x) The two opponents
put their battle line one against the other b...

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DBA 2.2+ Hi all had
a very long time to play DBA so I got some armies out called a friend over and
played some Egyptian vs Crusaders games. The
Egyptian had 1x Cv
(general) 5x Cv 3x Bw (x) 1x LH 1x Ps 1x Bd The
Crusaders 1x Kn
(general) 3x Kn 5x Sp 2x Ps 1x...

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Pz 8
Pz 8 Hi all  We had another game of Pz 8 Divisional Modern this time.  We set up a game in 1985 W. German vs USSR The Germans had 2 Pz Grenadier Brigades  1 Pz Brigade and the Divisional assets in a small task force  The USSR had 3 BTR Brigades  1 Tank Brig...

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V&B campaign (Second AAR)
V&B Hi all A few weeks back we played the second game of our V&B campaign (dint have time to post it) So here we go The French are attacking the Prussians this time and having to pass a river to do so (xaxaxa) The game started with the Prussians set up on t...

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Pz8 Hi all  I havent posted for a few weeks but Iv been playing games so Pz8  I first got the rules a few years back and have been playing Balkan wars with them but my friend Pz Takis wanted us to try the WW2 divisional rules again so I put together a small...

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V&B campaign (First AAR)
V&B My self and two M8 started a campaign using V&B it is set on the war of the first coalition.  I will be playing the French, Alex will be the Prussian general and Takis will be playing Prussia's allies (Mostly Russia)  After talking about it we opted to ...

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Air War: C21
Air War: C21 Hi all  A few days back I got Air War: C21 (PDF version)  I had read very good things about the game so I got it  After reading it 2 times (all 25 pages of rules) I tried it out   I made a datasheet for the plains i was to use (Mig-17 vs A-4H) ...

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FFT 3  Hi all this saturday we played a game of FFT 3  The setting was in Germany in 1985. The two adversaries were W. Germany vs USSR  the map  The W. Germans had: 1x Panzer Battalion with attached infantry company (AVG) 1x Jager Battalion on foot (SUP) 1x...
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