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A leading professional Web Development & Solution provider company.
A leading professional Web Development & Solution provider company.

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WordPress Is Now 10 Years Old

10 years ago today, the first public release of WordPress became available. Initially started as a fork of the little-known blogging platform b2/Cafelog, #WordPress has grown to be the largest CMS in the world, powering an astounding 18% of the web.

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Interactive Posts - Stand out in the stream: Users can send posts asking people to sign up, write a review, buy an item, check-in, listen, or whatever your app calls for. These interactive posts trigger notifications for recipients and show up in their Google+ streams.

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Google+ introducing Single Sign-In - Simple, secure authentication

With minimal effort, you can add a trusted registration system that’s familiar to users and consistent across devices. Google+ Sign-In lets users skip high drop-off registration forms and avoid having to remember yet another username and password. This makes registration faster and more secure, and reduces support costs for forgotten usernames and passwords.

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Things You Dont Knew About Google

Google has extraordinary on-campus day centers for employees' chidlren. It's so good, that in 2008 the company calculated that it spent $37,000 a year on each child. That's $3,000 more a semester than Stanford's computer science PhD program.

Bikes are placed around the Google campus, unlocked, for employees to use when getting from building to building. To make life a little easier, doctors are brought onto the campus so employees don't have to leave for check-ups.

To be a bit more green, Google has installed 1.6MW solar panels on the rooftops of every building on its main campus in Mountview, Calif. The 9,212 panels generate 4,475kWh each day, or the same amount of electricity used by 1,000 homes.

Instead of lawnmowers, Google rents goats from a company called California Grazing to eat and fertilize the grass of its headquarters, plus help reduce fire hazards.

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Last week, Google released an architectural rendering of its next headquarters: a 1.1 million square-foot corporate campus located across town from the existing "Googleplex" in Mountain View, California. You can zoom and explore the high-resolution rendering here.

In the architect's imagination, the forthcoming "Bay View" complex will provide ample ways to exercise, such as rooftop scooter-riding, jogging, biking, and yoga class. There will also be a perfect space for reflecting on the meaning of existence. And employees who never want to leave can pitch a tent and stay the night.

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